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Use this category to discuss the storyline of our game and historic settings.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance takes place in the first years of 15th century, during the internal strife within Holy Roman Empire between sons of the Emperor Charles IV.

When discussing this period we ask you to try to view without prejudice and with open mind. Please be tolerant of other people’s interpretations and try to substantiate your own. References to respectable historical sources are very welcome.

Even though I was initially bit sceptical about that separation to 3 acts, I really like it now. Concerning series like Game of Thrones, every year I have at least one thing which I can looking forward :slight_smile: So KC will be another. And the structure of the name indicates that there could be probably some sequel, if the game will succeed (I don’t have any doubts that it will). And since the events following described background story of KC: D are much more interesting, I’m really exited about the future of this project. :slight_smile: My humble suggestion: The history is determined as well as the events within, so Spoiler alert Emperor Wenceslas wasn’t freed at all, he was freed under agreement that the high nobles will get more options to rule the empire and etc. Which means that there wouldn’t probably be any big liberation mission at the end of the game. And that’s much more interesting than if there was. It means that there could be some really interesting story twists and even collaboration with opposite site. Moreover, if my predictions are right, your decisions will have some impact on the story of the successor, which will probably take place during the hussite revolution . Maybe Kingdom Come: Revolution ? :smiley:

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