CGameContext::StartGame: User has no active profile FIX!

I’m all of a sudden getting what’s showing in the photo and the game won’t start, has anyone else had this?

Also I’m going to try and re installing the game but how do I save my steam data for the game and how do I put it back into the game when it’s reinstalled?

go to
C:\Users\Sir-Fartalot\Saved Games\kingdomcome\saves
and copy the playline folder
but there should also be steam cloud implementation
do you have any mods installed? maybe they cause this problem

Ok found a post that fixes this issue, so for future use please log this down for yourself just in case it happens to you then you’ll know exactly what to do to fix it, I did this and is now fine.

Found a fix mate but thank you very much for your kind post.

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so i had this problem and used this solution, but now i cant load my save, is that normal for this or is my save file just corrupted?

Have you restarted your pc mate?

Also try loading a previous save.

turn it off and on again? ait, i’ll try.

so, my exit save is still corrupt, but the later saves work now, thanks.

That’s ok mate, it happened to me too

I just loaded the game and tried to start it for the 1st time and I got this error when I tried the fix that folder does not exist in my computer