Change T-Shirt size for Backer Rewards?

As the title says, how do I select the T-shirt size for my backers PAck. I remember selecting one ages ago, but since have…shrunk…


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Nuffin’ ?

With releasy getting closer by the hours, I’m getting a bit nerveous

Let´s ask @DrFusselpulli direct…
But today is public holiday, maybe he will answer monday…

Well, Dr. Fusselpulli’s Name suggests a relation with the Shirt-Clan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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yes, we planned to have different T-shirt sizes. But it is a logistical nightmare and we will send out T-Shirts in L and in Black for everyone who gets a T-shirt. One size fits all, no different sizes. Sorry.


How am I supposed to strut about like a peacock flaunting my KC:D-lifestyle ?