Changing Damage for Weapons

So I’m trying to Mod Herrods sword to be on par with St. George’s Sword, but when I follow this guide:

It doesn’t change the actual stats of the sword in game.

I use 7ip to go into Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\Tables.pak\Libs\Tables\item\melee_weapon.xml
I click “edit” on the melee_weapon.xml
I can change Item 21afc054-37d2-4cce-928e-c7d0d2e295c5 to have a 2 modifier on all damage types
I click Save
I exit the editor.
It asks if I want to save changed made to archive.
I click yes.
The changed don’t show in game, damage is still the same

Am I doing something wrong? I notice that when I change it, it’s the only file to have a Created date, and accessed date, and an A attribute

Did you repack them as a zip file in store compression? and rename it to .pak?
placed that in mods? do anyother modes over write that? ie change weapons?

Yes, I’ve created a mod named “herodbuff” in mods. In that folder, i have a folder “Data”
I added the melee_weapons.xml and a blank melee_weapons.tbl file to that data folder and compressed both of those to a .pak file in the data folder.
I have tried it with and without other mods, it doesn’t work either way.