Character creation


Hi guys, so I’ve had another question, is it possible for us to create a character, like, to play Henry’s physical characteristics? Can we do this ???


We can not change Henry. There was Kickstarter [think long time ago] promise there would be female character but till now there is no proof they are actually doing this as DLC, though they are open for idea to make DLCs. It is probably dependent upon the success of sales.


I understand,thank you again,are you one of the developers ??


I am one of the followers and secret worshipers of WHS. I just know stuff…


Awwweeeeesssoommeeee,thank you again


After i saw a lot of medieval games, i am not longer thinking it would be good to play as a women in KCD. It is something which fits better to non-realistic games. Like Skyrim, Witcher, Assassins Creed, Gothic, Dragon Age… many more.
Okay, Mount & Blade can also be played as a female character, but the whole concept gives you the feeling of being able to play the story of Johanna d’arc.
And after i saw the female models from some videos on YT and here…
i’m no longer impressed of the detail. They looking completely downgraded in her facial impressions. For example, eg that is the miller’s daughter in her actual status,

she looks very, for myself, ugly. I’m sorry but the previous version looks quite better

But of course I know that WH tryed to create a natural look. Beauty comes from within. But well in KCD I want to see a pretty peasant woman
And that is one of the reasons why i want to test if i can get a pc to play the publishers version^^


Weren’t there interviews in which it was said, the Henry could get different haircuts and hair (beard would grow?)


No, we never said that this would be the case, but we said that something like this might be possible in the final game. Unfortunately this idea wasn´t developet in the end.


Patches and DLC stuff, then :wink:


Aww…no cooking and cleaning simulator? I’m fairly disappointed…:wink:


Yes, cooking.