Cheap trick to level up archery

I found a stupid trick to level archery. If your archery Stat is below the level required for training, you can drink the bowman potion which increases your level temporally by 5. Then you can go to a huntsman and ask him to train you and get leveled up. I was at level 8, drank the potion and learnt advanced archery which is supposed to be for level 10. I think they should fix this loophole.

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What is the person i need to go to

The huntsmen in talmberg and rattay can teach you archery

I played “chumps” by walking into the river as close as I could get to the logs got my bearings and strafed right very slowly and played over and over again. I got my archery up to 15 and a nice few thousand groschen pretty fast by hitting 19/20 targets every time