Cheats commands doesn't work

I’ve havn’t see my problems in the other topics so I decided to ask you if this bug was normal → I’ve download this cheat mod ( and I’ve done the “wh_cheat_money” and I “ask” the gamec 100.000 Groschens but I’ve got 100.000 weight and I would like to know if there is a possibility for reset this ? I’ve tried to start a new game playline but it still appears. (Sorry for my English, I’m French T-T)

100.00 Groschens=
cheat_add_money amount:1000

Extract to KCD Folder.Default weight is 66.If you want to change open the file with 7 zip or similar and change 66 to whatever you want on the line below and save it.

File to open-mods\weight\Data\weight.pak\Libs\Tables\rpg
Edit with notepad or similar- rpg_param.xml

Set default weight mod.

Thank you so much man, I was scared about delete and reinstall the game (my connexion is very bad) you are so kind thank you a lot, I’m crying right now ! :heart:
Well man, I’ve got a few problems, I don’t know where I have to put the sentence in the notepad “default weight mod” and if I need these “< >”. And the “cheat_add_money” doesn’t work on my computer, it is because of the nexus mod ?

Made a video on how to change from default if you want.

Thank you a lot man !

No problem at all.

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