Hey, guys! I was trying to understand the issue Warhorse has with Christian Roleplaying; or rather Christianity in general. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, I’ve experienced difficulties in this arena. You’re only romances in game are a marital affair as well as a tumble in the hay, you’re forced to kill runt, the parish priest of Uzhitz is a complete disgrace, and you CAN’T GIVE CHARITABLY TO BEGGARS. It’s a roleplaying game, and if I decide (and I have) several times to role play as a devout Christian character, the experience is somewhat soured for me. The player isn’t granted as much control over Henry’s fate as was advertised. It was characterized as a medieval sandbox, but I don’t get that vibe when I’m being led by the hand down a path I don’t want to follow by the developers. There were times I made a seemingly innocent decision, and it resulted in me doing something I regretted. I.e trying on a gift from Stephanie and then… Yeah. Just wondering why there isn’t even a patch for some of these things. Thank you for your time!

At least you can give food to beggars. Simply drop it right in front of them