Chumps on the River quest Bug

Hi all, first of all I want to use this occation to compliment all Warhorse Studios team for this AMAZING game. Sadly I have encounter my first bug.
I have completed the quest Chimps on the River, and by completed I mean that I have won the highest bet possible at the game recieving the compliments of Vatzek and his invite to join him in his home to learn some secret tecnique that he can’t perform anymore due to a hand injury. That been said, after I spoke to him, he doesn’t go to his house but I still have the “Shoot with Vatzek again” option in the quest and, even if I win the highest bet, he just says that that’s not enough for him and he proposes me to play again.
Is it the quest Stuck or do I have to perform a perfect score 20/20?

Thanks and sorry for some spelling errors, english is not my first language :slight_smile:

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Please email with your platform (and region if PS4), plus the description of the issue.

Thanks, I have just sent it

how many arrows do you have to get in the logs to get an invite to his house? i got 15 and he hasn’t invited me i just replay the game with 2 other archers every time, thats the only dialogue option available.
think its bugged.

It was 17 arrows for me; however, the invite to the house doesn’t work because there’s no new dialog.
I really wonder what the archery trick is Vatzek was about to teach us… :frowning:

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hey, i just done it, you have to get 16/20 and he ‘‘teaches’’ you something, in reality i just gained another bow level, so does this activity never clear from your activity log? Because you can play chumps on the river over and over again. I like to keep my quest log clean, but im guessing this stays there as you can repeat it over and over.?

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I believe so, but what about the come to my house I’ll teach you a secret…

well i spoke to him straight away after the game and it seemed to me the ‘‘secret’’ was just increasing your bow skill by a level. Makes sense considering the bow has no perk tree too. I could be wrong though, i have heard something about zooming in while aimning the bow but i dno how you can do that if you dont have any perk tree.

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I’d just like to say that I’m at level 3 and have not hit a single log. Also, on my last competition one of the villagers shot the other in the head. Things decidedly went down hill from there.

lol i didn’t complete the quest until about level 6 in bow

Just ran into this issue myself. Not sure whats going on. Has anyone waited until he went home yet and talked to him in his house? I have others things i’m gonna complete in game for now but I will try it if no one else has yet.

So I waited until night to try to talk to him in his home and he wouldn’t even talk to me. Even reloaded from before the match and waited till night to talk to him again and got the same. I’m thinking the mission as like the fighters missions where after you complete the main part it just stays in order to show you where to go so you can challenge them again for more money if you want. From what I was able to see and from other reports of people doing this mission the 'Trick" is just bow XP.

yup, pretty certain the ‘‘trick’’ is bow xp, and then as it is an activity you can just replay the game over and over to earn money if you wish.

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You get bow xp every time you complete the contest. I’m not sure if that hinges on you winning or not because the competition leaves something to be desired.

I finally managed 20/20 after about 10-15 tries. It had no effect. No achievement, no change in what the guy says. Looks like it really is bugged.

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Be Careful when you shoot, I accidently shot and killed the guy… He will die, He is not essential.

I just finished this and can confirm as well it only gave me bow exp. I had gotten 18 arrows in the logs and when i talked to him he said to follow him, once dialog ended I did get bow exp and after walking to his house he just stood there. I had to close the door in his face for him to continue walking only to watch him look at his shelf for 2 hours haha. But I also did notice you get more bow exp if you come in first, second, last. First place give most bow exp. the activity is well worth the effort imo, I spent a few days in Ledetchko at the inn and just played chumps; I went from level 0-6 in my bow skill in about 2 game days

I shot a perfect 20/20 all it does is give u exp. The dialogue was different, he was impressed, he will actually say that’s the most I ever seen anyone shoot, you are really the best archer I kno. I have a lil over 1000hrs of play in this Game…