Circle of mushrooms

Found a circle of mushrooms deep in the south west forest. Is that just a reference to paganism or more?

Not sure about paganism, but maybe it’s a sign towards a treasure. Maybe it’s on one of the treasure maps :slight_smile:


they are called fairy ring or pixie ring, as wild mushrooms and other fungus often grows in rings or arcs if left to naturally propagate, due to how the mycelium propagates outward as the centre dies from lack of nutrients, while newer growth happens on the outer edge of the mycelium, thus a ring is created over time.


@b101uk true that, But it’s also a reference, for in German they are called “Witches Circles”(Hexenring) and mythology says, that witches would meet there ans Dance and so forth.
So better Watch your Back @Wis, can’t be to careful with theese herbwifes lurking around in the Forrest…

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I found exactly what u are talking about. It is marked as a interesting sight. However there is more to it. There is a cow skull laying on the ground. If u follow the path that leads away from this site it eventually cuts off but leads to the road. If u follow the road to the left ull see on the left hand side a pile of rocks with another skull on top. Very spooky. I have not found anything else really except another pile of rocks in the corner of the map. Its also VERY important to note that these mushrooms cannot be picked up. However there are mushrooms of the same shape and color that can be picked up in the wild. Very interesting and spooky. Btw i wonder if the horse body armor is underground

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There are several circles it seems, mine was without anything around and here is another:

Strange indeed… :thinking:

Found one with two dead women in it. Seemed to have died from eating the mushrooms, since one has a mushroom still in hand.


muscimol isnt deadly at all… wide spread mistake :slight_smile:

So counting 4 circles so far… :kissing:

The one i found had no bodies but had the remains of a campfire very close by. The ring of mushrooms was very close. Like 4 ft away from each other. The skull is near a log. I wonder if there is a EE of sorts attached to these. Like a super secret way to get horse armor hence why no one has found it yet. Heres a video i did showing red glowing water the skulls and the mushroom circle

That’s the appropriate time. The fairy ring with the totem is the appropriate place.

Bring the Witch Potion, your horse, and a decent sword.

Wait are u saying theres a EE or something. Secret quest lol. I was thinking about waiting till 3 AM (witching hour)in the game to see if witches showed up.

Honestly, I have no idea, and was just messing around. That said, it’s entirely possible - and the strange red glow, sacrificial altars, fairy rings, Witch Potion, and totems may just have something to do with it. Lot’s of strange sites out there, with plenty of random wayfarers to offer to the gods.

Two years late, but do you remeber where it was?

That’s how some mushrooms grow.