Claustrophobia and caves


So, does the perk Claustrophobia make you scared in caves and mine shafts?

Haven’t found any info on that in the webs.


There’s only like two caves in the whole map that have enemies in it. That’s a good perk to pick


Claustrophobia doesnt allow you to wear visored helms.


i picked that perk and tape worms. if u dont mind wearing a helm with no visor then pick it, it will not affect your game play what so ever in a negative way if just wear a helm with no visor.


Ah good to know.


Claustrophobia and Tapeworm…wear open face helmets and get Dustbin perk; no problem


I’m aware of the visor, but since I’m never wearing helmets there’s no point in taking the perk.
But I do love exploring the mine shafts, soo … does it affect the shafts and caves at all?


all the more reason to pick it then


I loot so much food is never a problem


If I’m never wearing helmets there’s no reason to pick it. I want it to be a real gameplay difference. Already got four others for the requirement …