Cleanliness System


Long version:
Hi, so I just finished downloading the game and enjoyed the story so far, but each time I want to look good in my clothing, it gets dirty. EVERY. DAMN. MINUTE. Isn’t it unrealistic to walk a few meters and go from as clean as factory new to as dirty as a pig? The game clearly states that your cleanliness and hygiene affects your reputation and social standing, how are we supposed to have a good standing if we get dirty every damn minute while other NPCs can go for days and still be shiny as if it they were a Holy Knight? I browed through many forums on different platforms regarding the issue and it has not been dealt with for a year or so. I’m no programmer so I do not know if there are any complications regarding this system, but I sure hope that the dev team would do something about it or if they are doing something about it, update us in the forums. I know this may sound a bit Karen-ish but the system is starting to grind my gears and I believe others feel the same way, too. It would be a shame if the gameplay of such an amazing story be disrupted by Henry being a filthy peasant.

Short Version:
The cleanliness system needs reworking with all due respect.


I also spotted my new armor just got dirty very quickly compared to my previous memories from older version. I am not sure what is the actual case here.


Agreed. You get dirty way too easy compared to real life. Id prefer not to have this system at all if it isnt going to remain as unrealistic as it is. Ive road horses before and have never gotten that dirty from a long ride. Or walking down muddy streets for that matter. My boots sure but not the rest of me. The way it is now its like we are rolling in the mud like a swine.


If you are on PC, I highly recommend this Mod. It fixes this issue and I can’t play without it anymore :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ll check it out. Yup looks like I’ll be using it. Pretty much what I’m looking for. Cheers.


I’d have to say, it would be nice to have some educated comments, on what actually adds dirt, so we do not have to guess wildly.

On the other hand, I barely even notice anymore automatically using any trough I pass by.


Apparently just standing, sitting or sleeping makes you dirty quickly