Clock design

I have seen something really awesome!

Is it possible to get something like this for android smartphones?
I would love to get my hands on something like this, since the design of this clock is utterly beautiful! * u *
Or is it possible to get a real watch with that clock-face?

Edit: found it here:


I wanted this when it appeared, but there is no way to buy it.

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That’s so sad. I would even buy such a watch from WH themself >o<

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There’s no accounting for taste…

does it do 24 hr time?

That is really sweet!
I too would buy that watch, in a heartbeat.

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What makes you, guys, think this isn’t photoshop?

For me: because I have found an app, where you can download this design for your smartwatch

Edit: Link


Jesus Christ be praised. :laughing:

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Damn, I am impressed! If someone gets to know something then kindly let me know as well.

Thats not photoshop. I have seen one of my colleagues walking around with it. I think it was Pepa, I will have to ask him about it, but he is on a business journey right now.