Cmon... if you suck then you suck

Ok no more bugs. It’s time for bragging rights. Like “I just killed an army of cumans!!!” Or “I just slaughtered an army of bandits and ate their festering corpses!!!” Tired of hearing the whining. It’s time this game is left to us professionals.

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Yeah, there seems to be alot whining… the games great. It doesn’t hold your hand and expects practice at tasks. I’m getting better at archery but only through patience and practice. It actually feels rewarding like I’m mastering it.

I just need to boost my coin, I’m pretty poor.


Money comes easily. Takes a bit of patience but it’s surprising how easy it is to get rich.

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I have to say it is funny for me to see all that whining and thinking "I spent over 1400 hours in tht game and haven´t had big issues for over a year and all these guys can do is complaining that you die easily when fighting 4 others with a sword and not thinking about Bernards first advice - shout the first one (and the second) with your bow, than switch to sword (or ax in my case). Right now I´m training my Henry to max Fight, Bow, ax, defence befor talking to razig after the awakening - just to start the game highly over powered and still not allmighty as in so many other games. That´s what I like most in this game.