Combat Autolock toggle feature request


I know there as been many forum posts about this and everyone has their opinion on whether the dueling-based system works or not. I couldn’t find a topic on this forum where there has been an official feature request for this.

Can we please have a console command or something to toggle the autolock for those of us who don’t find that it is working well for multiple enemies? An argument to support this is how you don’t have this feature when on horseback or having a bow out, where I find it is easier prioritizing enemies without a locking mechanism.

I know this may not necessarily be easy since the dodge/block seems almost tied to the locked enemies striking but that means you are 100% unable to effectively deal with a second attacker, even if your shield is facing him. Let’s not have the debate on whether it is realistic or not since there were combatants that were most certainly able to deal with multiple opponents, I just don’t think auto-locking helps in those situations where priority has to be switched often and fast.


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There are many other elements of the combat system which are problematic. For instance the lack of control. You seemingly cannot move forward or back for no apparant reason, except that the auto lock (either soft or hard) kicks in.
This causes many misses, and that is a problem. Then there is the random unresponsiveness of your character. Sometimes it strikes and sometimes it doesnt. For no appearant reason whatsoever.
Then there is the combat rose which often decides you “want” to change direction of your hits… again with no logic or reason, so you have to readjust… for no apparent reason. because… “good” gameplay… or something. To me the combat system NEEDS a complete overhaul. It is simply BROKEN.

I agree there are a lot of issues with combat. While i enjoy combat and can make do with the system already in place some changes to it would go a long way.
The auto locking is a pain for dealing with multiple enemies, it is entirely possible to fight and beat 5,6,7,8+ enemies all at once (albeit not for anyone with less than 300 hours in the game) but it is not always fun because of the janky, derpy, random and spontaneous nature of combat.
This video should illustrate what i mean