Combat Bug not fleeing but tackled

I played the game on Xbox gamepass. It didn’t have all the dlc and I don’t know what patch version the gamepass version is. I decided to purchase the game and all dlc on steam over the holidays. The new steam version with DLC and version 1.9 has a game breaking bug. When ever I walk backwards when fighting multiple enemies they will charge and do a tackle move as if I am fleeing. Its unblock-able and staggers me causing the camera to shake and open me up to getting attacked. It has caused my death more times than I can count. It wasn’t a problem with the gamepass version so I am not sure why this bug has emerged. If anyone knows anything about this bug please reply I cant find anything on it anywhere. Thanks

Doesn’t sound like a bug, but should be a clue not to engage in combat with multiple enemies at one time.