Combat cursor locked at 30Hz and too little

It’s not a bug, it’s the actual behaviour, I looked extensively (maybe not enough ?) for a mod that could fix it, but no luck sadly.
Please tell me there is a way to switch the combat cursor (I mean the one with 5 lines doing a circle of course) to 60Hz and make it bigger/scalable, combat is great but I can barely see what I am doing and it hurts my eyes (legitimately, it really does).

That you so much if you have a solution for this !

While we are at it, if there was a possibility to change attack direction with doing bigger moves with the mouse that would be amazing too, the direction changes on very little input from the mouse, I’m only at 1200 DPI and mouse sensivity ingame is at the minimum. (could be great for lockpicking too, feels like mouse sensivity doesn’t impact it and it’s only DPI related)

So I’ve been lowering my DPI and it helps a bit, but still.
I’m surprised no one else feels concerned by it ! It could easily improve combat feedback a lot.

Oh my god.
I just had my first combat against multiple opponents (3).
Okay combat is the weakest part of the game by FAR.
1080Ti had to switch from 1440p to 1080p and still dropping to the 40’s in a forest (which is usually super smooth).
Supper laggy, the cursor is IMPOSSIBLE to see correctly and you are depleted of stamina even with stamina potions.
That’s playing in normal mode, my character has good stuff and I’m level 15, I’ve tried to flee and pary with perfect blocks and it kinda works, but with so much lags and that super stuttery cursor I can’t see shit.

Please someone somewhere, tell me there are mods, or at least plans for improvements concerning this…
I could do a Bow only run, that’s what I did with version 1.4 actually. But comeon…

I have a 2080 which is quite similar to the 1080ti I play on the Very High preset on 1080p and get 60fps everywhere except the occasional drop in Rattay (I console locked it on 60). tbh I had extreme fps issues until I reinstalled it like a week after 1.9 came out. I had serious drops when playing on low/medium settings before. As for the combat it sounds like u just gotta git gud. At lvl 15 and a decent weapon u can wreck parties of 6+ enemies quite easily especially with the right perks. The combat is one of my favourite parts of kcd to the point where I intentionally play with mediocre swords rather than good ones to make the fights longer.

The problem is my CPU, its “only” a Ryzen 2600, I’m gonna upgrade to a 3800X as soon as it comes out.
As for the combat… how do yo do that ! I can duel but if I’m 1V2 it’s almost dead everytime unless I get lucky ! Fortunately I’m quite good at stealth and archery and cheesing the game so I do that, and it works, I also modified a console command now so you don’t have that stupid cooldown on switching locking on ennemies which makes switching much better. (for infor it is wh_cs_playerinputmouseunlockreturntime = 0.2 instead of 1.5)
But still, I wished the cursor was at 60Hz, and bigger, it’s like it’s made for people who have 10/10 at each eye and can run the game at 60 FPS no matter what.

I’m downloading the game right now. What do you guys think is the best way to control the game? I read something about lockpicking being near impossible with the controller, while combat seems to be less intuitive with mouse + keyboard.
Can’t wait to start playing!

I’d say the best is controller + assisted lockpick option enabled :slight_smile: