Combat has become unplayable

So, I get Henry up to a really great level with awesome stats, weapons and armour. hours earlier i took out about half a dozen bandits without sustaining any injuries. then, suddenly, its like henry has reverted back to how he was in skalitz and i have been cut to pieces by a single bandit armed with a teaspoon! i have spent almost building the character up and he is now useless in combat. what is going on and how can i fix this?

He countered your aggressive play style? :slight_smile: Concentrate on Blocking / Master Strike. All of my random encounters fight like demigods, too. Sneak attack or bow can help as well.

Use a teaspoon you too! :rofl: :rofl:

Teaspoon is OP. Needs nerfing.

I agree, they also have hidden hooks that’s anchored in the ground that rips you off the horse all the time no matter if your at max level with best gear. Then you’ve lost pretty much all stamina which then takes forever to start regenerating super slow, and 3 peasants will kill you within 5 seconds with their invisible armor piercing knuckle irons. Yes they can kill you with bare hands even though you have full plate. And it’s something that has changed in the last few updates cause it was not like that when I played through the game the first time before the DLC’s.