Combat is lacking to be honest

so ive been playing for a few hours now and wow,incredible game,nice job devs,but heres my issue,i find that combat is…lacking,like transition wise,its impossible to go from strong attack to a fast jab/stab(to elaborate on this,i mean if i were to start a heavy attack and decide i want to do a jab instead,i cant at the moment) and vice versa and if i raised my sword its basically impossible to block until i either get hit or try to hit something,then theres the combat camera,god,that thing is awful,half the time my enemy is in the corner of my screen and always moving and if i dont try to keep up enemies end up out of my field of view( i wear an arching bascinet),please make the aim assist(thats technically what it is) stronger so i dont have to constantly struggle with my mouse,its honestly infuriating to get hit back to back because of shitty camera controls,it wouldnt be that bad if it had a hotkey(idk,like holding ALT) that goes from normal movement mode to the current combat movement mode so we can decide if we want to move around freely while fighting(good for multiple enemies or for more realistic combat) or if we want to(or need to) the normal combat mode,also add the option to “invert it” ,basically changing your preferred combat style(also died at the beginning of the game because my character suddenly decided it was a great idea to basically grow a free will and teleport(yes i said teleport,thats what basically what happened,i was a good 7 meters away from the cuman soldier(that was the furthest away from me) )causing me to get stuck between 4 different enemy units and die because i was trapped and under armed).

also,theres the part about dodging,i think that might be a bit broken because my character doesnt dodge half the time
otherwise,great game,very immersive haha,bought it yesterday and ive been playing nonstop for 8 hours today on top of another 12 yesterday :slight_smile:

yeah go play mount and blade with windmail combat lol

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windmail combat?

You bought it yesterday and you already have this much to say about the combat lol

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yeah i do,its actually one of the first things i noticed,doesnt take much time to notice it,

im a person that plays alot of different type of games so having alot of keybinds isnt that big of an issue when their close together and very usefull(i play stuff like arma 3,witcher 3,skyrim,oblivion,blade and sorcery VR,etc) and i find that the combat system is extremly basic and kinda misses alot of things that i would consider crucial to have(like being staggered when hit with certain weapons in certain circumstances,certain parries (for example,using your weapons momentum from being blocked to counterattack the other side),being able to throw your weapons,half swording, dismemberment on lightly or not armoured enemies(dependning on what weapon you used,maces obviously wont cut your arm off,longswords will,axes can but have less chances then a longsword,maces would be much more effective against the heads and limbs of unarmoured foes,hitting their head with any weapon has a chance to instantly kill/decapitate/split their head in two,axes would be the most effective against people with light and medium armour(anything but plate.)slashing would be very effective against both but stabbing with axes would be inferior to swords by alot,swords would be most effective against light armoured foes on both stab and slash with a bonus to stab on medium armor and slightly less good on slashing on chainmail,mostly turning it into blunt damage with a slight amount of it turned into slash damage,damage on medium armoured foes would be reduced by 30% for slashing and 10% reduction for stabbing,damage dealt to heavy armoured foes would be reduced by 60% for slashing and 40% for stabs,
you know,basically just make the combat more “lifelike” regarding the actual fighting and the behavior between weapon types vs armour types.

Seems to me like you have been playing too much Mordhau. You seriously over estimate melee weapon capabilities.
Throw weapons? Seriously? Do you know how hard it would be to throw full sized weapons. Not only would it be inaccurate as hell, you would get barely any power behind it. To top it off the weapons aren’t really balanced for throwing so you would most likely hit them with the hilt or something.
Desmeberment was very unlikely to happen, do you know how difficult it would be to do it? You would need alot of power behind a swing not to mention a sharp weapon. Both of which wouldn’t happen during intense battles.

If you want over the top unrealistic combat then this isn’t the game for you.

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Combat definitely needs polishing sure (in terms of movement, animation etc), but from what I understand the combat back then was just…exactly like in KCD, well maybe not exactly but you get the point. I imagine the fight between fully armored knights to be awkward and clunky like how the game portrayed them. Henry is not Geralt dude, he is just a dirty peasant not some superpowered mutant with monstrous strength that could easily dismembered someone/insta kill them.

appreciate the criticism aflicted and spacecaptain,
ive never played mordhau actually,as for throwing weapons,of course i dont mean things like swords and maces lmao,im talking about things like daggers and axes,as for melee capabilities,yeah,perhaps,but the amount of damage you do to basically unarmoured and lightly armoured people with no helmets is very negligible,honestly that needs to be reworked,i should have to hit a dude multiple times on his head with any weapon when they dont have any head protection,because lets face it,if it doesnt cut itll at the very least knock you down on the ground incapacited.

also,anyone know if i can play KCD in vr yet?

there are certain aspects/elements that are off. for instance, dagger use is decidedly underwhelming… stealth kills, yes; knife fights, not on your life. that said, KCD seems to simulate RL movement restrictions very well … not perfect (still dislike the magnetism effect) but qualitatively different than standard button mashing fare with mystical/magical qualities (tornado strike, etc)

Given how the game ends, they’ll be a second one coming. I’m sure they’ll improve combat a lot since they’re aware of the combat issues. Its not perfect and this is their first game. So next game I’m sure

If you’ve only been playing for a few hours then you’re probably not skilled enough to be consistently blocking against the opponents you’re facing.
Henry is completely untrained until he starts practicing with Bernard.

KC:Ds combat is far more complex than any of the titles you mentioned that have melee combat…

Cutting limbs off was not an easy thing to do in a fight. All those cutting videso you see cold steel and others doing show people doing big wind ups and putting the entire force of their body behind the strike.

Slashing mail would be completely ineffective against mail armor.

There is not a more life like or realistic game featuring melee combat out there. If anything they toned down the effectiveness of armor against things like swords for this game.

also another thing,i find this to be really annoying when fighting bandits in the bushes,trying to fight near tree’s sometimes(often actually) makes you basically fly to the top of a tree and fall down ,at least im not talking fall damage but its bullshit nonetheless lmao

Even though its not told in the game, Control the battle. You can decide when you attack. If you control the battle, you pretty much win. If don’t like fighting near bushes or tree’s I go elsewhere and I make sure my opponent follows me. It wokr every time.

not saying it doesn’t or can’t happen… just never happened to me in +1000h of playing. often in areas with trees such as the bowl WNW from Uzhitz / NE of Talmberg and the clearing on the Rattay-Vranik path

think there’s an issue here that’s part visual and part mechanic. using a longsword and striking a common ruffian in linen (basic cloth fabric) doesn’t leave a gash and sub-fatal strikes don’t appear to be very disabling (granted, fatal ones often trigger the much beloved ragdoll kill animations). the gore associated with gashes (as well as limp limbs and amputations) requires a whole level of new and complicated animation. quite the burden for a game that is already probably overburdened. i’d like to see more limb impairment mechanics… perhaps the next game if WH can straighten out their workspace issue.