Combat is ruined

I played KCD quiet a lot shortly after release, and really liked the game. So decided pick it up again about a week ago, and… what a disappointment it has been!

Before, once you leveled up, you could actually use feints, chain strikes and combos. This made combat fun, interesting and gave a sense of accomplishment when Henry leveled up. Yes, sure, I know… late game could have provided more challenge - no doubt.

Now, for reason, feints, chain strikes and combos are all utterly useless. I got about one in a thousand shot at combos and chaining strikes is like asking for a riposte in the face. Combos always get interrupted, even if the enemy is off balance. The way to win battles is to counter attack and clinch-bully the enemies. The whole mechanic with more advanced techniques is completely broken.

Seems to me like a perfect way of ruining an otherwise very good game. I really enjoyed the earlier version I played, but this sucks so much I regret having wasted time on it and buying DLC. For shame.


Alright, I had the same problem first time around. You really need to spend some time with Cpt. Bernard in Rattay before you get timing, sequencing and order right for everything you are trying to do.

It definitely could have been done better, but I’m not aware of any significant combat system changes since release - so your experience then and now was with the same system.

Don’t rush into it, get a feel for timing, spend some quality time getting kicked by Bernard and then kicking him and you’ll be good.

For combos specifically - if you’re tryingto execute complex and long combos - it’s really important to drain yout opponent’s stamina a bit before doing that. Until you can get a feel for that stick to scarmaker and third-wonder - they both end it double stab and hence are pretty easy to execute, scarmaker combined with headcracker perk is just plain OP

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Sorry, Arrean, but atq82 is totally right.
Waiting for Q made fights boring, as combos are not possible for a long tiime now

Eh, no? They are totally possible. It’s not streetfighter, combos have their time and place and they work when you can do them

I completely agree. Personally I turned Master Strikes completely off and made the Perfect block window to 0.5, which is less than the original Master Strike window at 0.6. I also turned down the perfect block frequency for the AI
I can cay with certainty that it made my game a lot more fun and I can wholeheartedly recommend it

Yeahhhhhh no. I played through about a year ago and started playing again a month or so ago on hardcore mode, and combat is the same - or at least not significantly different enough to be noticeable/worth mentioning - combos (in 1v1 or 1v2 situations are very useful, especially ones that pair with headcracker or the longsword combo that puts an opponent on the ground) are relatively easy to get off once you’ve leveled your warfare and weapon skills, except when fighting the most skilled of enemies. Even then, a clinch or master strike almost always nets a free hit, and the first hit landing clean almost always nets a three-strike combo.

I would just say to practice, and utilize the Rattay tourney to get experience against ppl who aren’t as good at riposting as Bernard - he’s one of the most difficult defenses to break through in my experience. The average bandit, Cuman, or tourney duelist (before the third round) is going to be much, much easier to get combos off on