Combat so cancer not funny

npc’s bandits they block all my attacks , npc lots of attack on me and the stamina never diminishes , but when I make 2 strokes my stamina ends
3 or 4-5 multi bandit npc fighting : I can kill all of them by just walking backwards with the arrow , but I’m losing 90% with the sword shield fight
there is combos in the game but it is a bit difficult and complicated to do
forests must be filled with more scary and more bandits?
The money balance in the game is a little bad

Movement is key. When you square off with the bandit, don’t keep your sword in the same spot. Move your sword into different positions and you will see the npc try to mirror you. There is a sweet spot when to attack while the npc tries to mirror you. Takes practice.

Throw in some feints too. If all else fails, clinch. I found when you win the clinch you will be able to 100% of the time land a combo.

Keep at it. Henry becomes super henry later in the game. I use a 2h with the perk that strengthens your blows at the cost of stamina (forgot name of the perk) and even if they block, you still stagger them.

The combat is quite fun actually. At first i did know how to fight but my henry was bad at it and i would get my butt kicked by the wayfaring knight. Then i went to see Bernard and trained extensively with him, you could notice that as your skill improved you would become faster/better and Bernard could not parry all your hits, you start landing 1, then 2-3 chain strikes and after a while you can finally beat him. I can tell you that afterwards the wayfaring knight didn’t “fare” too well. :slight_smile:
Always use a shield till you get more confident, force a clinch and wack’em on the head with a hammer, rinse’n repeat. As you get better you’ll find your own favorite way to fight.
Massive battles and random melees between cumans and bandits become really fun, I’d kill off the lightly armored ones quick and leave the hardest one last on which i’d try dueling him with some nice combos or ripostes.
Edit: It’s good that they tweaked the combat a bit so it’s more challenging with latest patches, as initially herny would become invincible one hit bad ass by mid game.

The combat is too easy actually.

I have the Immersive Balance mod plus the Dangerous Roads mod installed and I still stroll around like an unbeatable god of men. I purposely rock around in average gear with no head protection just to give the poor fools a chance. I just re-did the Vipers Nest quest last night by killing the whole camp outright. All i did was draw 2-4 bandits/cumans out at a time, slaughter them, rinse and repeat.

Honestly once you get the counter move timing down and know a couple good combos, the game is a breeze. I wish there was a difficulty slider, so I could turn it all the way up! It’s hard to get motivated to play when you’re not challenged.

The skill that determines speed is mostly warfare. There’s also the skill of the weapon you’re using, but I think that determines damage more than speed.

It is relative to your enemy’s skill. So those noobs you fight when you head back to Skalitz have no skill, so you can just crush them. Ulrich has high skill, so he blocks everything. Also shield.

If you want a massive boost, do the side quest, Aquarius. Tonda will up your unarmed, which in turn ups your warfare. From there, easy wins.

I know what you mean. No fear of death in the game gets boring. Same with too much money.

I hear ya. Before the game broke for me I got to the point where I went and made Henry look cool instead of using best in slot items, so there would be a price to pay if I got careless in combat.

Either your very low level as of this post or you picked the sprinter perk ( a bad choice IMHO).
and like the other posts move around,watch the opponent. Train, train train.

Wtf is wrong with the title of this thread?

Combat is bad. If there are several enemies you will always lose. The attack you from every side. Just stupid.

So don’t stand still like a lamb to the slaughter. If you let yourself get surrounded, of course you’re going to get clubbed to death. That’s pretty much how a 1vs5 fight goes in the real world. Keep moving, string them out and don’t let yourself get flanked. Jesus, it’s like some of you people have never gotten into a fight before… :laughing:

Is cancer funny? Why?

Why the hell would you necro this thread. Ugh. Good one silverwood. 1 month later.