Combat sound effects


I recently reinstalled the Beta, and i remembered something i disliked about some of the sound affects. When you hit people in combat, no matter the weapon, it sounds like you’re hitting them with a pool noodle. While this might be realistic for hitting someone wearing just cloths or a gambeson, there should definitely be a much louder (and different) sound when hitting armour.

I seem to remember most if not all of the sounds for the Beta being place holder, but i just wanted to know if the impact sounds will be changed at all.


Greetings Sire,
Combat sound (and any sounds) are in process of being replaced and improved.
So the answer is yes.


I am interested in how “exciting” or even “boring” most sounds will be.

I’ve seen (and heard) a side of beef being chopped with a cleaver, and I saw and heard a person being struck heavily in the head with a golf club. The sounds were…not exactly expected. There’s a certain expectation we have for those sounds, from years of TV and movies, that may or may not be received with a smile by the playing community.

It will be interesting to sample the final sounds.


Yeah, still can´t get over how different it sounds when you punch somebody in the face in real life and in movies… :smiley:


I wasn’t referring to the sounds when you hit people wearing clothing, or even Gambeson (those are a little too loud imo). I was talking about how unrealistic it sounds when you hit armour.

I own a Great helm, and before i made this thread i simply rapped the flat edge of a knife against it, and it was pretty loud. so hitting something metal full swing with your weapon should not sound like it currently does in game.


Yes, well, the other examples are a way of saying “yes, I agree with the OP, and here’s another instance of the same problem”.