Combat sounds


the impact sounds when in combat sound very lack luster, i hope they arent final…
just sounds like hitting a tree with a stick or something, there needs to be some more weight to attacks with sound.

this for example,
It just feels like the sound isnt doing the job and the fight feels awkward, you couldnt tell if that was even an execution by hearing alone.
and it all just sounds the same whether it be an arrow or a stab.


Yeah I agree


The sound design seems unusual. But I highly suspect, this is mostly from years of Hollywood, TV and Games giving us a wrong impression of how things sound.

According to films like “The Patriot”, “Revolution” and “The last of the mohicans”, whenever you even touch or move a musket, it makes a slappy, splatty, clanking noise.

The only way i can create something similar with my museum quality replica, is by deliberate slapping it hard, so my hand actually audibly slaps the sling or pushes the sling to slap the stock, with sometimes the ramrod buzzing a wee bit.


Could be, but i don’t think the current sounds make for an enjoyable combat system


This is intended to be a realistic medieval RPG, so instead of puting cinematic, unreal but awesome sounds, they keep it real for what it is. I see it’s advantages, and I actually like their choice.


You need a balance between realism and playability, Either way those sounds are entirely unrealistic if youre even gonna use that argument in the first place. When you hit steel, it sounds like youre hitting a tree… and as i said the sounds all sound nearly the same.
I mean look at their videos and see steel hitting steel and it sounds awful lol, or dull at the least


You’ve not hit steel with steel when it is packed with meat and fabric then. It doesn’t exactly ring like a bell.
You can trivially test this - take a baking tray and tap it with a piece of cutlery - it will ring nicely. Now press it down on a sofa cushion, or the floor and repeat. A dull thud at best.

Swords binding don’t ring much either. The most reliable way is to oppose an unterhau (rising cut) with another, when the blades will ring for several seconds if not damped out by other strikes or a hand. But in general they clash far less dramatically.


Either way, IMO the game sounds very dull when it comes to combat, not very engaging. i enjoy realism but not when it makes the gameplay worse and i believe the majority of people agree with this but i guess ill just judge it on release date.


How does the sound alone make the gameplay worse?

One thing wih unusual stuff is, that we often feel they are odd, or off, or bad, simply because they are unusual, maybe unexpected.

But more often than not, they grow on use, once we’ve had the chance to get some exposure.

The cannon sounds from the film ‘Master & Commander’ do sound noticeably diffrent from many other films cannon sounds. much higher pitch and crisper, sharper sound, whereas we are used to deep, dark boooming sounds.

why did they do this? because they wanted to be realistic, and during tests with sound equipment, real cannona and live rounds on firing ranges, they found out, that these old guns, when fired with full size loads and an actual cannonball as opposed to only some powder to go ‘boom’, sounded much more like modern guns than most people believe.

What they also found, was that bronze cannons on occasion when firing live round, ring a bit like a bell after the shot. given that most the ships on guns were cast iron and not bronze anyways, they decided against using that sound, because they felt it was too damn freaking weird. although perio texts did describe it commonly.

Or take floodlights. activate lighting in real life, even a stadiums powerful flood lights, and they are unlikely t produce much sound. in each and every film, though, there is a ridiculous accompanying sound…


ofcourse sound alone can make gameplay worse, it doesnt need much explanation lol, whether they are releastic or not they dont sound nice to me.


blame hollywood and lesser video games and other media for messing up your enjoyment then. i personally never took overproduced effects seriously, so i guess it doesn’t affect me. i know what real sounds are like versus the stuff in film so i prefer the real sounds more. if i were you, i’d sue hollywood.


For me it’s like sound in space. It did not bother me in first star wars and other early scifi for example, but since I saw how cool it is when there is NO SOUNDS IN SPACE and it makes the films universally better I now just have to laugh when any movie shows sounds in space. I reckon same thing will happen with realistic sounds in combat