Combat troubles


I’m over 20 hours into this game and I’m finding combat nearly impossible. I’m using a mouse and keyboard and I cant match the direction on the angle star ever. Blocks never seem to work like the key isn’t registering when I press it and the dodge left and right worked in the tutorial and never did again. What am I missing? Is this game designed to be played with a controller only? Are there special mouse setting for this game that I don’t know about? I’ve never had this much difficulty with basic game mechanics before in a PC game. The game has a great story and looks great but my frustration levels with the mechanics are at their limit.


No, you arent the first to have difficulty with combat in the beginning. Based on your post its hard to gauge how far along in the story you are, but basically a lot of the combat techniques that are crucial to success are locked early in the game. The tutorial is a bare bones description of combat and is wholly insufficient. Essentially, as you level and the more you play the combat becomes easier and easier as skills are unlocked. Here is a link, if you scroll down you can find some good advice about combat.
I play with a mouse and keyboard. I changed the format up a bit to make blocking easier by switching R click for block and Q for stab/thrust, that’s just my preference. Also, train with captain Bernard in Rattay. It will unlock some essential skills.


Thanks for the advice. I’m at the point in the campaign where I have to fight the Bandit leader after the army attacks the camp and its virtually impossible so I had to reload an earlier save. I’ve tried training with Bernard but he just blocks everything and I’m so slow the combo attacks (I’ve learned two attack perks) never land. I thought maybe something wasn’t configured right with my mouse or I was missing something in my perk choices. I’ve played a lot of melee combat games (Mount and Blade, Chivalry etc) but I’ve never had so much trouble with a control scheme as this. I won’t even get started about the archery. I don’t know how much more time I’m willing to commit to this game because so far its just tedious and miserable to play but thanks for the response. Cheers


It’s not easy. I had about 160 hours in, and haven’t played for months. I found combat terribly hard again. before I was good at it. I actually started a new game to go through the learning curve again!


Here’s, my advice on combat. Like I said basically most of Henry’s skills are locked. So in combat if you try a basic swing/naked swing it will most likely be blocked or the opponent will block and counter. Its automatic there really isn’t anything to do once its auto-blocked and countered, but just suffer the damage and reset. To get better at combat train with Bernard and learn “perfect block” [perfect block and riposte is essentially the same action]. Also, a good perk to have early is clinch. those two skills will take you a long way. So practice sparring with Bernard. Don’t swing at him/attack him, wait on his attacks. This game rewards counter attacks. It punishes aggression. If Bernard is just hovering in front of you move forward and clinch. Upon the break you have a window to strike him while he cannot defend, do so. The combos are basically useless in the beginning. If you try them you most like will get countered (blocked and struck multiple times). Practice feints, for average opponents it takes two feints to score a hit. If Bernard is holding his sword high over his head: feint left, feint right then attack with an overhead swing to his head. It works best with you attack an area that he isn’t guarding. Like the example I gave above. If his guard is high, feint left, feint right then attack with a left or right upswing/uppercut. The main thing to understand is that if you just blindly attack without setting it up your attack will be block or countered, period. So you have to wait on the opponent. … got to go there is so much more though.

Other thoughts, to properly and successfully clinch you need to improve the strength stat. Any kind of combat with help level strength i.e. fistfighting or actual combat.