Comboing tip

For those who are having difficulties with the combo execution, i recently noticed something very sneaky. When executing a combo, just before your sword hits the opponent, your combat indicator (the one that indicates which direction you’ll attack from) will turn white. That’s when you need to press the corresponding button to the combo you want to make. Pay attention and you’ll see it. I hope i was able to help. Sorry for bad grammar. Enjoy!


Has anyone verified this?

Yes. This is definitely a thing. It isn’t at the moment terribly useful, as by the time combos are reasonably easy to throw, your skills and stats, with silly weapon base values make armour worthless and combos can’t be delivered on ‘easy’ opponents because they die first.

I think that toning this down to make advanced techniques worthwhile is quite doable though. (merely swapping player weapon for something weaker is better, but not enough as enemy ‘high tier’ weapons are still over valued against armour).

I recommend not going above ‘Merchant’s Sword’ for longswords and equivalent ‘tier’ weapons.

Well, I’m only level 7 and can’t kill anyone in 1-2 hits, so actually being able to use a combo may be helpful to me.

So just to make sure I understand: All you have to do is click the appropriate mouse button when the white marker appears? You don’t have to adjust the position yourself? Not that I assume it’s easy.

i have mixed feelings about combos, early on i couldn’t quite get them to happen, because the opponent would counter my first or second strike. mid game there was a tiny sweetspot where i could manage to throw a few combos, now i am at a level where i can kill anyone with a longsword in a few strikes so i don’t really need to use them anymore, or rather they die before i can trigger a combo. i’m hoping for some balance changes that would make swords less effective against armor in late game.

You need to press the appropriate mouse button after ensuring that the correct angle is being used for the cuts.
Often the logic of the cuts does this automatically, but sometimes you need to ensure that an unterhau following a oberhau leads from the correct side, or a second zornhau follows instead of an unterhau.
The flash of white shows where & when to attack, you still need to ensure you ‘hit’ the correct angle.

This is why I like the Fehler - a left hand unterhau, followed by two ‘stabs’ mutated into a cutting pair by the device ~ much easier to pull off than most of the other options… and it hits the head/face.

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Here you go, after about 8 hours…I came up with this…I hope it helps clear things.

I’m pretty sure this is incorrect.

If the direction is white it means you are unable to attack in that direction because of how your opponent reacted to your previous attack.

I’m pretty sure the white arrow is even mentioned in the help portion of the game and says it’s a direction you can not attack in.

Here is my tip for combos… I’ve unlocked all Longsword combos and learned the timing and can execute them all when used correctly.

1.) First thing you need to do is finish up the investigation at the Horse Farm, so Bernard will return to Rattay.

2.) Get the learn combo training from him, and this will allow you to do combos and unlock a free combo.

3.) You have a pretty good training window where he is a sword sponge if you ask him about Master Strikes and train with your weapon of choice – use this opportunity to learn your combos and get the timing down. After you attack him enough he will eventually perfect block one of your strikes and ask to try it as well, after this just complete the training and talk to him again about “master strikes” to train up combos again.

Combos are difficult to pull off, especially the 4 stroke combos but it can be done. The key is to feint or counter parry and start your combo from there. Once the strike connects, move to the next appropriate direction immediately and start the next one and so on.

No. The very dim lines are unavailable, not the white highlight. This highlight is also temporal, corresponding to the time between the strike arriving on target and it’s ‘end’, which is the cutting window.
Blocked lines are very dim, and can be x’d out if you are bound onto an object. They remain dim until you move to unblock the cutting direction or move to the other guards. (Compare to the unarmed combat with the low guards not being ‘bold’ as the oberhau guard is). I can’t 100% recall what the cue is for sword being ‘off’ but the ‘bright’ highlight is the ‘right’ highlight, and an ‘x’ shows up when there is a ‘hard’ physical block preventing the attack.

Why would the next highlight after a left Unterhau be at the centre dot? This is definitely an attack which works, as the second attack here results in the lovely strike to the face, which I can repeat at will.

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It’s the grey color that indicates you can’t attack :wink:

Try to win a clinch before a combo if you’re having problems hitting the opponent, as it lowers his stamina. That way, he won’t be able so block your attacks very well.

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white lines are definitely a thing, they seem to work for me and winning a clinch before attempting a strike, combo or not, is clutch. You should be doing this anyway, unless the opponents in a filthy casual unable to block in which case just kill him lol

If anyone is still interested, I honestly don’t see where the cconfusion with combos is.
You guys are ways over thinking this.
First and foremost, the higher your skills, strength, agility and the like, the easier combos become.
To execute a combo, you simply have to strike in the correct sequence, one after the other.
You don’t need to look for any white lights or any such thing.
Of course, ccombos can still be interrupted by opponents of they successfully block, counter, evade one of the strikes, it happens.
A failed combo doesn’t mean you did anything wrong.
And, while I’m at it, after playing the game the or 2 times already, I’ve finally figured out how to do a master strike or advanced repost or whatever the for terminology is.
A perfect block is when you block as soon as the green appears but you will not repost.
To do that, you have to anticipate the villains strikes and block just before the green light.
This will fail and you’ll only do a regur, stamina draining block, if you block before opponents begin strike motion.
So, it’s a matter of perfect timing.

Well the ones I’ve run across are a mix. Some die fast and some seem immortal.

About master strikes, I explained a normal block wrong.
Normal block= when you block opponents after he begins strike motion, in other words, late.
I wrote before.
Perfect block, just at the exact moment green appears.
Master strike, before green even, just as motion for strike starts.
I had super duper high combat levels last playthrough but wasn’t performing master strikes.
Key is, when in duell, don’t rush, wait for villains to make first move.
Fighting becomes way eisier and more satisfying