Comfort: What were you tying to achieve?

I completely get the idea that some beds would be more comfortable than others and grant more rest per hour. However, it seems every bed I have come across is 50%. It feels like you guys intended to implement some more detail and never got around to it.

At first I thought, maybe I need to remove my armor before I sleep. But that did nothing. Now I think that maybe it should. It wouldn’t be that hard to just do a check for AC rating and have that subtract from the normal bed cap. Or would it? I am not a programmer.

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I hadn’t really paid attention to the %'s lately.
There is a perk you can unlock that will affect the % of the type of place you are sleeping. That is all I know.

The poorer the quality of the bed the better rest you get. Comes from being poor, according to the perk. I.E.: 30%(+70)

You must still be very new to the game.
There are tons of beds with only 30% comfort all over the game!
Obviously, you’re not big on exploring.
Go to the Glade on the Inn tavern, in the barn, across from the tavern are multiple straw beds with only 30% comfort.
Any woodcutters or charcoal burners camp, in the huts, 30 % comfort.
The list goes on and on.

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Yep some ppl don’t know how to explore

I congratulate you on your exploring skills and your ability to dive deeply into a tangent. Your reading comprehension, however, has failed you and you completely missed the point of the post. 30% comfort for sleeping on the ground I understand, but don’t you find it odd that the beds in the best inns only give 50%?

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There not exactly a box spring and mattress set. At best it would be crisscross canvas straps ( that could be hand tightened or loosened.) with some down stuff mat with a linen sheet.
Heard the Phrase sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite?
Tight part came from the straps (which the host could loosen to make more uncomfortable to hint an over staying guest time to leave.
Bed bug part : putting the legs of the cot/bed in water filled containers so the when the bugs try for the legs they would fall into the container and drown.

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you said"every bed I have come across is 50%’
I interpret that that you haven’t come across any beds with 30% comfort
Found it odd but yes, my response was a little sarcastic, I apologize.
Actually, I don’t know of any beds outside of 50 and 30 comfort.
Maybe in the castle?

Check Sir Radzigs bed, …I think it has 80%.

If you recall the lady of Talmberg says early on in the game, when you get your first bed, that you should take your armor off before you sleep. It seems to me that they had planned for this kind of system at one point, but maybe cut it out later.

A lot of things got cut for the sake of the Publishers deadline. and they are still playing catch up.

The whole Nightingale part,all the stuff he tells you is not in the game.
The hot daughter,the blacksmith who has trouble and cant work. The market. The festival.
There are still some things in the game that refer to cut content.

The game creators were a little overzealous. They tried putting more things in the game than they could handle, i think.
This is not a critique, i love this game, but it’s been made a little too complicated.
For example, spoiler alert, in the quest “house of god”, many people complain that after the fight with the guy on top of the scaffold, they couldn’t find Zmola. They immediately cry bug.
Well, that’s because they seem to all choose the wrong option. They let the guy go and run to the mill, trying to make it on time.
The correct option is to arrest him. Why let him go/ He tried to kill you!
If you arrest him, there’s a cut seen with the overseer, where he sends out two guards who always catch up with zmola and end up killing him. I tired it 3 times!
But, in the defense of all the complainers, why have the option of letting him go at all if it leads to a glitch?
When you constantly make wrong decisions, the so called bugs compound themselves down the line.

Yeah, maybe. Towards the end of the game, there’s a seen where henry is woken in the castle in a very luxurious bedby Capon.
I never got back there to check it out.
If and why they made all the beds only 50 and 30% comfort level, I have no idea but that’s all I’ve come across so far and Iv’e tried maybe 50 beds in the game.

I have and saves the guy and killed Zamola. But you a correct, It takes good timing.
I have my horse right next to the ladders, I jump down( not climb) the ladder holes hop on the horse and bee line to the house with the outside stairs, bolt up then and then a quick hop to the upper little bit and stop Zamola and get him to fight then kill.

And/or that what Deep Silver would allow time wise

you might think some of the better looking beds are better comfort but what if the owner has one of those disabled mattresses for bad backs and that. going to get uncomfortable. so actually they should still be like 30% comfort

So, I guess i neglected to do all the exploring I first claimed i have.
Beware, this is only a half hearted apology in order to gain the high ground in my future criticisms.
I went back to Talmberg after the last siege in order to see what condition it was still in.
It was still a mess.
To, the point. Lady Stephanies bed was 100% comfort! Divishes also! There was no one around.
Captain Robard’s was 70 and the scribe’s also!
Just too bad you can’t normally sleep there.
Don’t know about Rattay yet.

That is very interesting. Hopefully we can upgrade our bed to one of those in the DLC.

In the from the ashes dlc, you can find a bench with 70% comfort inside the first upgrade of the rathaus. In the second upgrade, there is a bed on the second floor with 100% comfort