As long as it’s optional thats fine. But I don’t want fritz and Matthew following me. A dog might be nice.


were did you find that and do you know what type of companions we will get


i would live a squire or a guard … as i am a balif i think you should get one + your the son of a noble


i agree completley but always make it optionnall like they dont have to be with u always


(spoilers) ulric would be the best comapinon all he does is wonder after words anyway


yeah ultric’s horse is at the inn but he’s nowhere to be found. he should stay at the inn and maybe have a small life cycle of walking around the woods or something


i am very interested to see what happens
but i am interested to know what it will happen


does anyone know when them companions will be coming at all ?


You will get a dog companion in the DLC4 - A woman’s lot.


so nothing about a squire or something of that nature ?
when i was looking it seems like was was going to get a follower ( person) but didn’t specify what type or what gender


You are yourself a squire, not a knight.


yeah i didnt think of that as the NPC’s always say … how can i help you sir knight


I don’t think these would make good companions, but yeah the concept of companions in general would be cool.
Especially considering this game reaches for realistic content and we’re 1 man soloing several people on the regular…