Any think it would be a good idea to have a companion like the dog from Skalitz or Fritz and Matthew?assuming they survive


I guess you’re thinking pof companions from games like Skyrim of Fallout 4?
Yes and no, I’d definatly would like to have them tag along for a while but not as constant companions.

I think it’s hard to make good believable companions that responds to events in the game world that are adequate as well and not just some random line of dialouge. If companions I’d like them to have the same high quality as Serana in Skyrim (only good companion in Skyrim) or the girl from The LAst of Us (I think that is the correcct game I’m thinking of).


I think it would be an excellent idea, especially if you’re playing a rogue-ish kind of character, to have allies tagging along with you.


Companions would be nice, but I’d prefer them to be more along the lines of mercs you can hire. I’ve always disliked the “character” companions that just mindlessly follow you for no reason. Like, don’t they have their own lives? Makes a little sense in a setting like Skyrim where you’re the hero and all that, but Henry? Who would want to follow him to the ends of the damn earth, risking life and limb?


Agreed, Mercs for hire would be better, like for 24 hours or so the merc would follow you around. They could be involved in quest fights, and you could set their behavior via the an additional character sheet. (Like use bow or use sword, charge or defend me etc.) and they would have their own moral, so if it’s a fight of say 5 versus the 2 of you, well he might just run.

I can see hiring a well kitted out knight with good armor and a bow shooting archer for support. (I dont see a reason to limit the quantity) Optionally you could hire a group. And, sometimes, they might try to rob you if you get too drunk or something.


Fully agree on Mercs… Frits and Mathew could be those too since they are in need of money anyways and maybe set it up like a side mission… the other mercenaries can be hire thru guilds like the Routiers of the 12th and 13th centuries. They where usually setup in every major cities back then…


Having someone serve you, ride along, tend to your armor, carry your polearms, store your loot, send on errands to buy and sell stuff , that could work.

The only problem being AI is absolutely terrible, and I can see it causing more frustration than anything else.

The game is mostly telling a story, and a much more linear one than it was originally touted as. Everything else is just tacked on and kinda irrelevant.


Spot on, the AI would probably make me want to kill the companion more often than Cumans, but having my own squire to save me a bit of headache or travel…I really like the sound of that.


i would prefer them to be recruitable so you can have 1 or 2 helpers at the bandit camps. this is assuming the skill/combat gets rebalanced later on so you don’t just become superman and the fights against multiple opponents will warrant some help.


I would love to have companions that I can have as followers and be able to kit them out with gear.


No worry, we just need to wait.


We’re in the world did u find that that’s sweet


Like a squire I could see that possibly happening but the ai would be nerve racking


I always hoped that they would become companions like mercs that need money but then once they earned a ceartin amount of money they would leave


Yup, agree on that and could be hireable again somewhere in the game progress with another side mission or so.


Well, that would be rather difficult since Henry is ultimately a squire himself.


I have a hard enough time keeping my own self reasonably alive, partially clothed, and occasionally not too bloody/dirty. Add a horse and these problems more than double. I’d rather not be worried about some pet, too :slight_smile:

But hey, if they give us a dog, that’s a skin to sell and some dried meat for the road!


They originally were going to give us a dog companion, and I think they are still planning on it once the bugs are worked out.


I always hoped for some immersive way to have a companion a dog would diffintly be it I’m guessing the dog u meet in Skalitz


And plus being sent to fight entire bandit camps on ur own and survive highly unlikely that they don’t send one :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:guard with u