Concerning Gameplay. Immersion Ruined. Killed Executioner


I was excited to buy this game on Steam the first day it came out. I wanted to play as a thief.

First mission where I really get to do anything involving stealth is the mission from the miller to get the ring from the executioner. I tried to use Savior Schnapps for the first time after I stealthed into the executioner’s room while he was asleep because I wanted to see the different ways I could play out the mission. However, what I learned was that whenever I reloaded the save, the executioner would just wake up which didn’t leave me many options. I decided to just roll with this, and I killed the executioner (a botched robbery, it was Henry’s first after all).

I was content with this, I even enjoyed hiding the executioner’s body in a nearby pond. I didn’t kill any of the dogs; as I figured, who are they going to tell anyway?

What I didn’y enjoy was that the next day everyone hated me in Rattay. I am reading on the forums that now I have to punch a guard and go to jail just to get their rep back up? This is ridiculous. I have pretty much lost interest in playing after finding this out. I think that with my playstyle I am going to end up doing something like this in every town at least once. Why did everyone know immediately after? there definitely weren’t any witnesses. It could have been any of the dirty refugees!

I don’t want to spoil any more of the story for myself without really understanding how the crime and reputation systems work. Was it a fluke that Rattay hates me or is just gonna be this way if I kill someone while they are awake (or even at all)?



you learned that actions have consequences. i’m happy for you

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his issue is with the fact that there were no witnesses to his crime, and therefore no reason for anyone else in that particular faction to be upset with him. That’s a perfectly valid issue, and a glaring flaw in the system, akin to magical guards that spawn out of nowhere to attack and arrest you, or everyone knowing that a piece of cabbage was somehow stolen.

Yes, actions have consequences, but people in the late middle ages were still not part of some psychic commune.


Totally with OP on this issue. They should introduce a system like in skyrim, when crime is not registered as such if you kill all witnesses.

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Has anyone tried out this mod? I really wanted to leave my game as vanilla but I am really thinking of downloading this as I haven’t had the willpower to fire up KC:D since the day after I killed the executioner when I found out about reputation (everyone hated me).

action have konzequents that is it . you not even lost you rep you even miss out 2 quest because you killed a person of. intresst its not skyrim wher you not cann kill any questgiver . you even can kill a. persos that can be a part of a quest from a other person and broke it on this way i like this much ad as a tip talk too him send him too the miller too get flour and you can open the box when nobody is at home .talk too him. and buy the ring. for 15 groschen nock him out and steal his keys and open the box so much ways wwhitout killing him or wait that he goes. too the bathhouse or the tavern . spectat you victims and take your time

Its stupid because game not have good AI, just using cheating instead. Witnesses no crime pinned to player, how game should wrong, otherwise is whole crime system broken…

I was at the inn at the Glade the other day looking for a bit of whoring and a pint or two an I thought fuk it let’s punch the inn keeper in the head an knock out the rest of the patrons for shits an giggles
Well poor old Andrew went down like a sack of spuds but why didn’t he fight me or the locals no let’s all just run for the hills peasants
An why was there no resistance from the local guards an more to the point what happens to Andrew he’s now just harf the man he was wondering around aimlessly just a disembodied soul really this is realism

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You also miss out on other side quests from the Executioner. I just payed him 15 Groeshen for the ring. Kill him later!

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Stealth is very low towards the beginning. Have to be smart about playing rogue. I was pretty much a straight arrow when I first started, but now I mostly play stealth/thief/shadow assassin. It works, but ya gotta be smart about it.

No. Just, no. The less like skyrim, the better IMO

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