Conditional Volumetric Fog?

How would I go about writing a script that only adds Volumetric Fog in certain situations. Like say, “early morning” or “Raining”. Also is it possible to set the intensity so I could gradually introduce it? How would I go about writing a script to do that?

Pseudo code

    //if current state is happening introduce volumetric fog gradually every 3 seconds
    fog_conditions=[morning, rain]
        fog = 0;
         timer = timer_start(func(){
            if (volumetric_fog < 1){   
             volumetric_fog += 0.1
         }, 3000)

and then have some other function that reduces volumetric fog back to 0 if we return to any other state.

I’m just not sure at all how to write or incorporate scripts into the game. Or where I would go to begin finding out how to hook into some “listener” or promises for certain game events like weather or time.


Its work? I’m interested

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They should release the source code of the game, my god! Then we could have a lot easier making such improvements for the community support.

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really good news, I hope that when they do you will warn me