Console archery aiming reticle


This has probably been asked before but , is there any chance of adding the option to have the reticle on console ?
Ok I get it , it’s supposed to be realistic, but for me it’s not enjoyable without it and therefore I don’t ever play anymore :cry:


Not until the console Gods agree and allow and mod support is released in late 2019. You will hafta resort to the tiny spec of painters tape on you screen as posted many times here.


Haha , I just paid 2 grand for my tele , not sticking anything on it ! But cheers for the suggestion, I’ll just forget about this game and play something else :+1:


Lol , it may well be funny to you #snowflake , but it really annoys me , I bought this game for £54 , before , I found out it was an unfinished buggy mess made by a ( how shall we say ) less than triple a developer !
I wanted to like it , and I played through most of the bugs despite having to delete my save game three times and start again

I’m only assuming them bugs are a little bit less annoying nowadays but since I haven’t been near it since 1.4 I really wouldn’t know

The first thing pc players do is mod an archery reticle and the fact that because I’m on the console means I can’t have that option and have to stick tape or something to my screen , it’s a joke :rofl:

Yes yes I know , there’s not supposed to be a reticle , realism , i get it blah blah blah , if realism is the thing then why is there a sword / axe reticle ?
Well I wanted one , and if I can’t have one then I’d sooner not bother thanks :rofl:


I activate the reticle from my monitor on PS4


Haha , thanks a lot , now I want a fishing rod too :rofl:


Yes, realism is not really a thing here. I can carry 6000 weight, I assume pounds. Henry weighs about 190. So that is 30x+ more than his weight. What is he an ant? But I keep playing it. I agree the cutscenes and the story is what make the game for me. And the combat. Realism, well that went out the door the first time I died and reloaded. :slight_smile: