Constant Crashing after 1.8.1 Patch (Ps4)


Greetings fellows,

I had been playing the game without a single problem until new patch 1.8.1 (1.15) on ps4. By new patch, the game became unplayable since it constantly crashes in every 10 mınutes. Reloading older saves didn’t help at all. If I load very early saves, it enables me to play for appx. 1-2 hours then it crashes again. As far as I observed, the reason of crash is independent of your actions. That is to say, whatever you are doing (or simply you are standing ıdle), game crashes after a certain time eventually.

My PS4 build is up-to-date. I don’t have an external HDD or something. Most importantly, everything started after new patch 1.15.

Any ideas, suggestions, solutions?


Same here, my game keeps crashing and I can’t do that mine gallery. Earlier 1.14 let me do that but this 1.15 version won’t. I really hope you can fix this major issue.
If I try to reload my own save game it just won’t load it so I need to load earlier load game and this is very annoying 'cos if I exit and save, the game won’t load. the latest save game includes the fight against punch’s gang and that crashes very soon when I try to start fight with betwixt. Usually it crashes when I enter the fight with him or just try let’s fight from dialogue.

Otherwise your game is awesome but these bugs are game killers, unfortunately.


Haven’t had problem.

Worst case… delete all and reinstall. Helped vanilla PS4 performance before


Didn’t play hours beforehand but did fight and kill everything at battle spawn spot N or Rattay. It was a Cuman vs bandit battle


Tried that. Doesn’t work. It’s definitely a patch related issue.


Goodness, and it was supposed to be for bug fixes. Will retest and post results later