Constant Crashs

Hi there, I recently bought the game and enjoyed the first 4 hours. But then the game kept crashing. First it was maybe once an hour or two but now I can’t even play for 30 minutes. Sometimes it crashes with an error message “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVEDDXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED” but most of the time it just crashes. Ocasionally it even crashes so bad, that I need to restart my pc.

I am well within the recommended specs with an i7 7700k, 16G of DDR4 RAM, a Page File with up to 32G, an RTX 2070 and the game installed on an NVMe SSD. My game settings are 1440p on a 4k display with almost all settings on high. Also, I installed the HD Sound, German Voice and Texture Pack.
The game version is ver_01_09_323013_613_master

Most time when it crashes I can see a “little” spike in the Page File size of about 2G to 4G.
My saves are all under 5.784KB and I now validated the Game files with steam for the 3rd time each time downloading about 2G of data.
Uploaded are the ce2dump and some of the logs.
ce2dump.dmp.txt (332.1 KB) kcd.log (12.3 KB) kcd_launcher.log (462 Bytes) KCD Build(0) 28 Jul 19 (22 00 06).log (12.6 KB) KCD Build(0) 28 Jul 19 (22 07 43).log (12.4 KB) KCD Build(0) 28 Jul 19 (22 51 58).log (12.3 KB) KCD Build(0) 28 Jul 19 (23 37 17).log (12.3 KB)

Update: After my last crash i validated the game and it downloaded 3G. Then just for fun I validated the game files again and now I have to download another 8.7G of data. How the heck did steam not detect the missing files before, or do I need to download 16G again when I validate the files after this download?
Update the second: after the 8G download I had to download another 500M. Seriously, why??
Update 3: after the 500m update I validated the files and they were ok. Then just for fun I validated them again and yay, another 3.7G download. SRSLY, is it steams or WHG’s fault and can someone explain why this keeps happening? This is really annoying. Will write tomorrow, if these downloads actually helped me with the crashes.

Are you using an XMP profile? Or do you have anything overclocked?

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CPU and GPU are stock but I think I have XMP 2.0 profile active. Will try again with it being deactivated

Huh, I don’t really know why but after I disabled XMP it worked flawless. Thanks, and would you care to elaborate, why the game doesn’t like XMP? Never had an issue with it before and I thought if the RAM has an issue then the whole system would crash.

This game is a pile of festering shit. Three restarts because of gamebreaking bug within the first hour and now I cant get out of the starting village because I cannot outrun the Cumans on horse. That’s assuming the game doesn’t spawn one right behind me on foot and I get twatted before ever reaching a horse.

Hey there, I am also experiancing some issues with the game, however than the REMOVED error I am getting dxgi_error_device_hung. I have emailed support and waiting for a reply but I noticed your post and wanted to say you are far from alone on this one.


I really don’t know the exact reason why it’s an issue. It’s not just this game though but it is more common in games that use cryengine for some reason. I think it has to do with the memory oc adjusting your cpu base clock slightly, but that’s just a guess. Did you have your voltages turned up slightly? If not turning them up to 1.65 might solve the issue.

Are you over clocking any components? If so try turning them off or dialing them back some. If not try using a program called display driver Uninstaller and reinstalling your gpu’s drivers. Also try repairing any dirrctx installation.
You can get ddu here

No over clocking what so ever, completely default settings. The issue is because my GPU is slightly outdated for the minimum specs. I also did try that regardless and it didnt work however I have heard that does work for some people, I also tried changing some registry keys and I just ended up having to replace the card completely. War horse contacted me VIA Email and they are going to be sending out an update very soon to fix this issue I was having.

Honestly I have no clue what XMP is but my error was device hung not removed, but I am told they both result from the same issue here.

What GPU were you using?
Yes, both of those errors are similar. They both have to do with your display driver failing.

MSI Radeon HD 7770

Oh… yea I’m surprised you were able to get the game to run at all actually. lol

I know right! Funny part is I was able to play any and every other game you could name, Ark, Rust, Atlas, Arma 2 & 3, GTA 5 (Sometimes crash but not often), Kerbal space program, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Sid Meier’s Civilization V, Scum, Watch dogs 1 & 2 and sooo much more… You get the point, so when I was having issues with this game I was shocked but at the same time not because that is just the first signs of a card about the s*** the bed and become too outdated. :neutral_face:

Cryengine is a pretty demanding engine…that’s the only thing I can figure.

For me, updating old mobo’s BIOS solved this ‘‘DXGI error hung’’ problem. It sure is a weird problem, since there is not one or even two solutions, that would work for everybody. Also its not just cryengine and KCD, because that some error code can come in many other games, like for me in Rise of Tomb Raider. Thats why its hard to just blame KCD, all tho i know its easy because they have so many other bugs, and lets face it, game is not great optimized. War Horse Studios aimed for the best category, and you can’t blame them for that.

Anyway, it seems to be a complicated problem, best thing you can do is update every driver (clean installs), bios and DX, and put OC’s off. OC makes whole system more unstable (atleast in some cases) and vulrenable to errors, well mostly in these ‘‘not so great optimized games’’.

Besides, if you got decent GPU, OC isn’t that big changer on Kingdom Come, because it doesen’t easily give you any fps. If you got real tough hardware, you probably can get some nice extra, but not with budget GPU’s, and remember that mobo is also important when you OC gpu, not just CPU. Mobo adjust’s volts for GPU just like for CPU. If mobo doesen’t like your volts and its over its limits, its gonna get unstable.