Content file locked


I’m starting to get very annoyed.

I have reinstalled this game for the 3rd time this morning and I keep getting a 'content file locked message. I search for the file and it is not there.

What do I do?



You need to wait. They clearly told that the game will be launched on the 13th of February, but they also said that the exact time when the game will be released will vary from region to region. So I suggest you to wait because your region has been not unlocked yet.



I got the same thing. Played the game for 13 hours. Now it won’t launch anymore. Tried re-installing, to no avail.



“Content File Locked” means that something is blocking the files in “…\steamapps\downloading”. That “something” is typically an anti-malware software, any other similar software with ability to block read/write permission from/to any file, general issues with User permission (system related) and damaged sector on your harddrive.

Also this issue can be easily searched for on google…



People who love to play games on steam must know about this error. When we try to update the steam game then we face an error which states as “steam content file locked”. Its mean stream not able to write the update file to the hard disk. This error has a lot of solutions and most effective and easy solution it to uninstall the steam and all local game and then reinstall it from scratch. Resetting winsock or repair corrupt files also help to resolve this error.

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Reset your winsock type the netsh winsock then restart your pc or laptop.
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