Continuation of the story line

Hi, i’m new here. Quite recently i finished the game and i have a one question. Are Devs going to update the storyline in the game or they’re going to make a sequel? Ending seems to be incomplete and in my opinion suggests continuation of Henry’s story. I doubt that it wouldn’t be continuated. It was really disappointing seeing “the end” communique in the most interesting point of the story. Throughout whole game the main overriding task was to find Markwart of Aulitz and Henry’s father sword, but none of the goals was met. Like i said, it’s really disappointing and you can feel that you actually didn’t do nothing what you should to do. I understand that this game wasn’t developed by big money and has the right to be on some issues incomplete, but in my opinion it shouldn’t end like that. It’s 2020 yet so are there maybe any news of the game? I’m sorry in advance if yet was the same theme on the forum or i choose bad category of topic and sorry for my english, i’m pole. Regards!

No rumors or news of a new game, but most expect it to be a direct sequel and will pick up pretty much right after the end of the game. However, many would assume that the game may even expand upon those main goals and turn the sequel into an even bigger storyline. Who knows though, we could see a time jump and Henry is a grown man now instead of a young adult years after the events of KCD1.

In my opinion, this now how I would like things to have played out, if the sequel would have came out within 1-2 years after release I wouldn’t have so much a problem, but it seems like they are going to release it into an entirely new big game, and by that point I will have pretty much lost interest in the rest of Henry’s storyline. I would have rather they finished his story in a DLC or something and then simply focus on creating an entirely new game with a new character all in the KCD style, perhaps in a new setting like England or Scotland.

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I agree with you. I would rather to see ingame bigger storyline than sequel. Although at the moment it’s probably impossible, because of money.
And about the sequel it would be amazing to see England, Scotland or even another country of Holy Roman Empire for example Bavaria or Saxony.
Shame that it is already 2020, 1 year after last planned DLC and there’s no news from WH, only on YouTube tutorial videos about modding the game.