Controller Drift Issue


For some odd reason when using a controller my view drifts either up and to the left with an Xbox 360 controller or down with an Xbox one controller on PC. I’ve used these controllers on other games and haven’t had this issue so I’m not sure if it’s my controllers or not. I’m fairly sure it isn’t as they aren’t that old so I was wondering if this was an issue that I can fix or is this something the studio needs to fix?


I get this too, the crosshair will start to drift up, then snap back to its original position. Even if I don’t touch the mouse. It doesn’t really bother me though unless I am trying to shoot.


In my case it doesn’t snap back it just randomly starts drifting and I have to hold the stick down to stop it. It isn’t quite enough to make the game unplayable but it makes fast travel and anything else that requires being able to select a specific item difficult


We are testing on few workstations with XBOX360 Controllers and never encounter this issue. Are you able to provide any further info to help us with this? Thank You


In regards to the 360 controller I get a different issue. When I tried using that instead of the xbox one controller to see if it would work better it drifted up instead of down and when I tried reloading my save I wasn’t able to look around and my character could only move forward and backwards. I played this on the xbox one controller when I first got it and never experienced any issues until several months ago when this started happening. I’m not sure whether or not this is a problem with my controllers or a glitch with the game. If you think it’s a good idea I’ll try getting a new controller.


Which other periferals are connected during this?


I have a set of headphones and a keyboard connected aside from the monitor of course. I did figure out that with the xbox one controller mine just seems to have an issue so I can just replace that. The 360 controller has worked on every other game though so I’m not sure what’s causing that.


I have the same thing. Another that bugs me is that you can’t change the sensitivity. I want the same view sensitivity on my controller on foot as when on a horse.


I checked the 360 controller and it seems that they both had a right stick issue but for whatever reason on other games the 360 hasn’t had problems. A quick fix I tried is going into the settings on steam and adjusting the deadzone on the right stick. It fixed it for a little while until I changed the control scheme but it did show a noticeable improvement after I did that