Cooking pot smoke bug

Smoke rising from cooking pots flicker at night (only at night). Does anyone have the same problem or know how to fix it? I have tried a lot of different graphical settings to no avail☹️ It didn’t happen before 1.9. I have gtx 1070, i7 4790k.

Does update the grafic driver help?

I already have latest drivers for my GPU.

Yes this happen game have overall alot flickering issues and popping :confused: and these cant be fixed

That’s too bad. Not game breaking bugs, but immersion breaking for sure.

What grafical preset (grafic options) do you use?
Maybe any MODs?
Can you post a picture?

I use very high preset with hi-res textures and no AA but I have tried different settings too, from low to ultra high. Flickering is still there. I don’t use any mods.
I recorded a video, here is link to YT:


I have it too, it also does it with smoke coming from the houses at night, they take a very bright blue-ish color from the moon, and as soon as you get closer, it becomes darkened and normal.

Is something known about Nvidia and flicking /blinking smog bug?
A grafic driver problem?

It’s not NVIDIA driver related since I have the same issue and I’m like 5-6 drivers behind.
Could you please check with the Devs?

Do you have a Nvidia card or an AMD card?
I have an AMD card and not this problem…
Maybe you should update your driver (and give a feedback, please).

I have an 1070 gtx. But I had no smoke flickering issues before 1.9.
If it’s a new issue only for NVIDIA cards then installing the latest driver won’t help since the user above has the latest one already. 411.63 (my driver’s version) is a very stable one and I don’t want to install another atm. Thing is that flickering became a problem only with 1.9 update.

I tried nvidia driver rollback today (to drivers from february). Flickering still there. So it looks like driver version doesn’t matter.

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With patch 1.9.0 /1.9.1 Cooking cauldron’s,alchemy fireplace big,alchemy distilery,fires teepee outdoors,pirstejn fireplace have smoke flickering that may be annoying for some.