Corrupted save file (ps4)


ever since i started the aquarius quest the game crashes around rattay mill. and extremely long load times whenever restarting the game. and dont tell me i have to do a new game, have 45 hours into this save.

reverting to a earlier save doesnt seem to fix it either. with every patch a new bug seems to pop-up. like seriously how hard can it be to fix this?


I have exactly the same problem. Reload an earlier save, make a cloud / USB backup, quit playing for now and wait for a fix, game is unplayable right now.


Tried reloading earlier game and still same problem exists and I’m doing the quest if you can’t beat them…and latest patch 1.15.


Told you to reload an earlier save just to be sure it’s not corrupted like happened with my most recent save (3 times), couldn’t even load it. Game is completely broken in all platforms right now, we’ll have to wait for the next patch.