Coudn't kill "markvart von aulitz"

so if a woment lot is the last dlc, that mean i can’t not kill him, maybe you should add another dlc?,open a new small map, when henry go with han and then get an change to kill him?

You’re not supposed to. There will be no DLC devoted to the main storyline. There will probably be a sequel.

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Markvart von Aulitz died before the game events even started, no need to do that anymore. Your sword is probably at your last villain if at all. I don’t think it’s so important anyways. Henry went after it but Radzig told him, forget about it, later Henry became someone else and everything does not need to end up like Assassin’s Creed. The main objective was motivation but misleading, I doubt it’s gonna happen in sequel, though there is space for alternative interpretation with fictional Henry.

I believe that most player would have like to have seen some closure to the main quest……… It was a quest, but was impossible to complete from the onset. KCD is an outstanding game (despite all the quirks) and will be one of my all time favorite games. However, the first two DLC’s have been (at least for me) lackluster and a disappointment. I have not purchased BoB or a Women’s Lot yet. I may purchase them at a later date, but for now after five playthroughs I do feel having a dog as a companion will make another playthrough worthwhile. I will let KCD set and mellow and replay at a later date………. Just stating my opinion, and not diminishing the great work that Warhorse has done.

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You state that Marvart died… there is no where in the game where a player knows that. The sword was in the possession of Istvan Toth at the conclusion of the game. It would have made sense to have a DLC where Henry had another encounter with Toth (IMHO).

Building Pribyslavitz wasn’t much challenge and you need to come there day after day to be able to solve those local problems which is probably nicest part of it. Karolina was short for me and barely grasped the story when it ended though I liked the game of throws, second part with charlatan was bugged out so I’m replaying. Bastards were funny lot, it was actually hard so I replayed that a lot, also for sidequests and acitivity, if you just rush main story, it’s seems pretty short, better played on sequences. Theresa was rollercoaster, starting as casual day and nothing there was normal afterwards. There were parts you could scavenge, fool around, fight and bit of everything made it cool, and it’s new experience, dog was not probably as prominent as people expected, it’s good companion that’s sometimes helpful but not very reliable. It’s still a dog. I still haven’t done Johanka part. I did her usual base quest in Sasau which I failed, so there is double motivation to go to her, but I deleted all my saves before they let the info about her, I would have waited, now I’m all the way at the start. People seem to like that part too, seems like rich story as they act mysteriously about. Some didn’t even realize it’s part of the DLC and then it would take them twice as much time to complete.

When I get to PC, I’ll check in lore there, it’s not said but some interesting stuff like burning of Skalitz is there, and we know its spring, not summer (as many state game takes place in summer which is probably since mid game as we progress in time) even that rebuilding Sasau monastery took during May as find in notes in one of the outer rooms of Sasau monastery area.

in the codex it say that the dude die in 1402 maybe he die after the cutscene with sir divish, well i guess we have to wait for next game then

It is not a perfect game, no game is perfect, but is a refreshing departure from games that are just designed as bloodbaths and mayhem. I have over 1000 hours (on Steam) and will take a break for awhile… BTW, I do find your comments and insight informative.

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Thank you, I should stated that in the gameplay there was no mention. Cheers!

Thanks. I try to make it based on some facts. I’ve been playing three games since I can’t always have my steam access, KCD, Assassin’s creed origins while travelling in huge world and Overwatch. AC is just mindless killing for never ending revenge, though it has solid story and historical background, Overwatch is competitive action that is kinda about killing but in non gory way (kids friendly) so when I got to KCD again, I am playing for Merciful achievement enjoying it as a break from the other aggressive games.

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The Assassin Creed Origins and Odyssey are eye candy with stunning graphics and historical context, mindless killing gets old real fast. I rather have a game like KCD that tells a story and makes you part of that story. I would suggest Atom RPG, is a very well done with a a decent storyline. No voice acting, reading is required… Still a very good game (IMO). Cheers!

I almost finished AC2 and only like 20% in Origins, indeed those games look good but Origins didn’t seem to improve much since so many years, but graphically impressive on top with those effects, especially interesting environment, gives me the vibes from Gothic 3 south map, or what it could look like, because G3 potential was not released there and most interesting places where in the starting position not in the south.
We go very off topic, let us make this topic ended here, continue another time.

Yes you can kill Markvart :wink: