Could I request a mod update for dynamic hoods?


Hey peoples, hopefully this kind of post isn’t frowned upon here. Thing is, there’s a mod I really love that makes it so hoods are put up over Henry’s head as long as he isn’t wearing a helmet. This is it here:

But it hasn’t been updated since February. Now, I’ve managed to get it to WORK, but since it modifies two major game files, I’m kind of afraid strongarming it into working could cause issues in my game since there’s been two patches since it was last updated.

Could a kind soul update this mod to the latest version?


I know I’m really late here, and you probably won’t see this, but could you explain to me how you got it to work at all? Strong-arming is fine with me. If it screws anything up, I’ll just use Vortex to revert changes. I just can’t get it to work at all.