Could I request a mod update for dynamic hoods?

Hey peoples, hopefully this kind of post isn’t frowned upon here. Thing is, there’s a mod I really love that makes it so hoods are put up over Henry’s head as long as he isn’t wearing a helmet. This is it here:

But it hasn’t been updated since February. Now, I’ve managed to get it to WORK, but since it modifies two major game files, I’m kind of afraid strongarming it into working could cause issues in my game since there’s been two patches since it was last updated.

Could a kind soul update this mod to the latest version?


I know I’m really late here, and you probably won’t see this, but could you explain to me how you got it to work at all? Strong-arming is fine with me. If it screws anything up, I’ll just use Vortex to revert changes. I just can’t get it to work at all.

If u add data\Hoods and Scarfs UP (dynamic).pak to pak.cfg in your data folder it works but all DLC items become unequippable and invicible on NPCs, I would also like this mod to be updated to a 1.9 version. It’s my favourite mod :confused:

Updated to 1.9

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the issue with the previous version was that it didn’t display the black-yellow hood (and probably the chequered red-blue one too) and some of the armor (like the lords of leipa stuff) was not equippable. the lords of leipa stuff works perfectly now, thanks for that, but is it possible for the two hoods to not disappear? that would be absolutely amazing.
those are the hoods i am talking about in case it helps you!
and 4bcb4913-408e-a9bc-ead2-b294248a5e90
edit: this is not a request to redo them into hooded versions (but i wouldn’t say no to that either :D), just for them to be visable as they are without the mod.

I’m not the mod autor, I just copied the original mod changes to newer version file. As far as I can tell there should be no problems with those hoods you mentioned as of their lines are not changed in armor.xml, but I can’t realy tell for sure if any other changes have altered their behavior ingame somehow, sorry.
edit: btw if I remeber right there is no hoodedup versions (meshes) of those hoods in game, so they can’t be changed properly anyway

the issue is that those two are not being displayed if you wear them. that’s all. thanks for the fast reply tho!

Np. Have literally no idea why is that happening.

Just checked them ingame - they work fine, but first time i put one of them on - it didn’t showed up, but when i equipped helmet and reequipped the hood - it was shown properly, so you might try that.

this is really really weird, but it works. thank you!

KyG. Ur the best.