Crash to desktop

My game is now crashing about 5 to 10mins into my saved game and I’m running out of fixes to try.

I’m currently at Talmberg at the start of the game and it just happens randomly and game crashes to the desktop. Did have a blue screen crash once but most of the time the game just closes.

I’ve tried the following:
Reset gpu overclock
Reset monitor overclock
Added a Cfg file with sys_streaming tweak to limit threads
Turned down in-game graphics settings
Individual Gpu power cables (not daisy chained)

Recently switched from a 5700xt to a 2080ti but I’ve stress tested it using Heaven, Timespy, Fire strike, Superposition and haven’t had any issues. No crashes in other games.

I also have a manual RAM oc (3600mhz cl14) but that was stress tested using the boot ram tester and no issues. Could this be causing the issues?

I’ve noticed a few people have mentioned problems with SMT so that will try turning that off next but just wondering if it’s a problem with the game that other people get or if it’s my hardware.

Would rather leave a full reinstall as a last resort as the game is 60gb and my Internet sucks!

Anyone else had /have a similar issue and are there any fixes?

Over clocking the vram was doing this to me. Could max the core clock (w/ever it’s called ) but messing with the video ram speed had me looking at my desktop frequently.
Don’t know anything about nvidea cards, though.

Have you checked the log files and event viewer?

Turns out it was my RAM. I overclocked it a few months ago and although I had no memtest errors back then, I had tons after a 4 hour test the other night. Couldn’t manage to get a stable OC after that so I just defaulted to xmp.
No errors and KCD not crashing to desktop.
Well… Until I’ve started getting the DX_hung error which now happens every hour or so. Looking into it. Looks like I’ll never get to play this game.

I’ve gotten DX_hung error before during other games and it was always because of my GPU OC being too high.