Crashin and crashing and crashing


I do not understand how this much time after release the game can keep crashing. i do not understand why would they release the game if it is not ready.


There’s likely some cause to the crashes, it may be the system you’re playing on or some other issue. For me on PC, I rarely experience crashes, and when the game does crash it is usually due to a mod conflict. However, there have been recent crashes reported by several people that i myself have experienced where the game will always crash at a specific in-game time; so this may be the issue you’re experiencing.


same shit here


Try to remove your antivirus for 1 hour and see if it’s better ?
If on non SSD try to defrag and scandisk.
The game is ready i have experimented 1 or 2 crashes within 300+ hours. Here is the proof for 80+ hours :