Crashing to desktop


My game constantly crashes about 15 mins into playing, I get a stable 25-30 FPS on Medium 1920 x 1080, then it just gives me the stopped responding error, and it crashes to desktop. I also backed Star Citizen and know they have a leaked memory error, wonder if KCD does as well, but I see probably not. So, is there a fix for this? Also are the iron bars there just because I haven’t unlocked the areas or they haven’t been developed yet?


Are you using save/load feature? If so that might be the cause.
Save/load is quite broken in the beta and we will be using bit different system for final release.

It means that it sometimes works and sometimes not.
So if thats the case, I would recommend delete all saved games (“game folder”/_user_kingdomcome/whgame) and start the game anew.

What you are playing is just a beta of the game. And so you dont have access to whole map, all features and many and many quests.


Thanks I will try to do this and report how it goes.


I have the same problem. The game is unplayable as it constantly crashes to desktop every time I try to start the game. And yes, I have no saved games. Quite disappointing since I have a top of the line Asus Republic of Gamers PC and running win 10 64bit, so no hardware problem on my side. Moreover I have fully updated the launcher and downloaded the latest updates.

What is going on?


Hi there.

Firstly check your graphic and sound drivers if they are up to date. And also if your windows is fully updated.

Also there appears to be a crashing problem using the last AMD Hotfix drivers -16.8.3- (Fury x). Returning to the Whql version -16.7.3- whould fix it.

And if any of those suggestion wont work then:

If you follow these steps, game will create a log file after crash, which if you send us, might help us locate the problem:

  • Locate file system.cfg in Your game directory.
  • Open the file in some plain ASCII text editor. Like notepad. No Word!!!
  • Add line containing “sys_WER = 2” (without the quotes)
  • Save the changes
  • Run the game

Now, when there will be some problem leading to crash, it will close the game quietly instead, and create a file \user_kingdomcome\ce2dump.dmp
if not, it may mean Your windows installation is not typical/complete. Try to download and install

Attach the ce2dump.dmp file here (or send it to me to e-mail:, and if you do so, write in the mail your nickname and ideally link to this topic)

Anf if you are at it, you can send us DXDiag.txt too.



I have the same issue.
As requested, i sent you all this info to your email.

Thanks inn advance for your help!