Creating a Game like Kingdom Come? How?

I love Kingdom Come both visually and gameplay-wise. In fact I always loved medieval games (and gaming overall), and I always wanted to make my own game but I don’t know how? I have some hours spent in Java but i’m not very fluent in it. I followed some tutorials for text based games but that’s nowhere close to 3d games like Kingdom Come.

What is Kingdom Come coded in? Do you know how to make similar game (of course i dont want to copy anything)?
My game would be medieval 3D as well but with few twists

Anyway long way before me… Do you guys know where to start? :slight_smile:


Kingdom Come was developed on a (heavily modified) version of CryEngine.

As for where to start? By learning!

Learn what software you’ll need to work with.

  • Something like GameMaker or Stencyl ( is fine for mobile games and learning how to work with logic functions necessary to make a game come to life.
  • To create something as robust as KC:D, you’ll need to know much more specialized programs: Unity, Unreal, CryEngine, 3ds Max, etc.

Building a game of this nature — by yourself — isn’t impossible…just incredibly ambitious. You’ll need to learn 3D modeling, skeleton rigging, coding, animation, physics reactivity, coding, lighting, illustration, coding, texture painting, sound editing, music composing, coding, script writing, UI design, etc…any one of which a person usually specializes in for a career.

I don’t mean to discourage you! It’s just your question is enormous. :laughing: But, how to start? With the desire to do so, and the drive to chase that passion.


If you want to code 3D game with medieval concept and RPG elements thn Unreal Engine 4 and Unity3D are the best choices. (They are probably best choices for majority of cases). You can use them for free till you start earning on your game, then you need to pay royalty. Go read about it more. Creating 3D games in Unity is super easy, here’s a good tutorial. And this is unity documentation that you should bookmark.

About licensing:

My 2 cents - I agree, what you need to learn is how game engines work. Choose one of the best known (I would recommend Unity too) and try to make some simple games with it. Start learning engine, and it will guide you to other necessary topics (3D modelling, animating, programming etc.) Engine is the core. In fact it does not matter which engine you choose because all work in similar way … but more famous engine means more documentation and tutorials online, which is EXTREMLY important. One good think about Unity is that you program it in C#, which is more similar to Java that Unreal engine’s C++.

You can’t make it alone. You need a team of at least 10 people. And/or a budget of 15 million dollars.

engineering degree specialized in gaming programming would help getting a job in the industry. Nothing teaches better than getting a job and learning through the heels so to speak.

When getting a job, you’ll work on other games you probably don’t want.
And it isn’t enough to learn programming. The simplest way is to win the lottery and then buy a developer studio and let them make the game you want. You should at least win 30 million dollars to invest the half in this project.