Cuman leader missing - Quest can't be completed


Hey there;
I’m currently hunting cumans for Robard, but the leader of one camp is missing, or at least his corpse. I dont want to load an old savegame, as I raided the camp a couple of days back and achieved lots of different things in the time between. The Questmarker shows a location near the camp and says, that I still have to kill the leader, but the camp is empty and there also is no one at the marked location. Is there a way to respwn the cumans? Problem is, that I have to finish the quest, to get access to the following camp raiding quests.



Ok, after a couple of ingame days three cumans respawn, but there is no cuman leader and the Questmarker is the same :frowning:


had Cuman leader (near cave) fall underground. took a while for leader to respawn. don’t know how many days


Waited again for cumans to respawm. This time also one wearing the typical helmet of the leader, but he didnt have the needes mask with him. Questmarker still unchanged


Go do other stuff for like… two weeks… a really long time… and then go back.


Just load previous save. Dont worry about the stuff you looted. You will have so much more loot later that you will not know what to do with it :wink:


I think you better report this to and attach you saved game file.
On nexus, I remember finding a mod that allowed one to reset individual quests. Maybe worth giving it a try.



try to take a mask from here:

That will help.

Thank you.


It worked! thank you