Cuman problem

Hello, guys.
It’s just a about cuman faction in KCD. Now, when we play KCD and fight cumans, we fight nameless, strange NPC without epic bosses, stories and other features. Also, cuman weapons (sabres) are very weak and at high lvl are hilarious. Maybe, we can learn more about these strange warriors, through adding cuman dangerous bosses with cuman names, high-leveled different weapons (such as “Inlaid Sabre” from counterfeiter’s grave, more quests about cumans. Maybe it will be good to give players possibilities to learn cuman (or hungarian, maybe) language, a bit of history of cumans, some chance to examine the story “in the wrong skin”, in the “skin” of cumans. So. can players count about that as a DLC or smthng like that? Or this part of story will never be telled? :smiley:

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