Cumans fighting style and a few questions


Now I’ve seen many videos about this game. I noticed that the cumans have the same fighting style, stance, weapon as the knights. Even bandits and mercenaries as well. It bothers me and I hope it will be changed in the future. Knowing every enemy will attack the same, walk the same and hold certain weapons the same. Really kills the mood for me, I don’t know about you guys.

Can my character learn different attacks with certain weapons as I level up or increase my stats?

How will I get weapons and armor other than looting corpses?

Will I be able to move subtitles to the bottom middle of the screen instead of on npc’s head?

Can I kick, shield bash or punch during combat even if I have a weapon?


Makes me wonder where this objection comes from… I don´t have any recent games in memory, in which human soldiers have each their distinct fighting style… It is REALLY lot of work to do whole another set of animations just for this quite negligible issue. What only bothers me, is its perfect movement synchronization, thats where it really pops, otherwise its quite fun.

Buying them, or receiving as reward I guess.

yes, you can do that in beta already

Yes, you can learn unique combos and punches for each weapon (For example, shield+sword have shieldbash)