Cutscenes/gameplay ratio


Hello everyone,

The developers have stated several times that the estimated gameplay span for the main quest is about 50 hours and together with the side quests it goes up to around 100 hours. But is this a measure of a so-to-say clean gameplay time or the gameplay+cutscenes time? Now, don’t get me wrong, maybe I’ve just got a false impression, but watching all the gameplay videos I see that there are numerous cutscenes, and occasionally you’re given a chance to ride with a detachment and have a fight, listening all the way to Henry’s comments. And it looks more like watching a movie than playing. So my question is, what is the actual percent of the cutscenes? And will I be able to disable the Henry’s voiced comments since I feel more like making them myself? :slight_smile:


I dont think you wil be able to disable Henry’s comments.


There are about 4 hours of cutscenes. So its about 4-8% of gametime, depending on your overall playtime. You can also expect that main story will have majority of these, and sidequests will have less cutscenes, but thats just my speculation


…and you will not necessary see all cutscenes. It will depend on your decisions.


hah, good point…

It got me thinking about it tho: 4 hours of cutscenes sound nice in comparison with 50-100h of gameplay, but godfuckingdamnit, it really is as long as two full length movies… you guys are really insane :smiley:


I also wish I could disable the comments he makes. I don’t feel like they are necessary.
Surely they make it easier, but I would love to think for myself.