Cutscenes still locked at 30fps



Yes, I tried the fix you can find online (sys_MaxFPS, v-sync etc. ); and I tried it with all the possible combinations (via user.cfg, directly through the console, v-sync off with the in-game setting, v-sync off with the appropriate line in the .cfg file. Also tried with forcing v-sync off in Nvidia control panel, Inspector and whatnot).

No matter what, cutscenes (like, for example, the very first one in the tavern in Skalitz) are still locked to 30 fps.

My system:
Nvidia GTX 1080ti
16GB DDR4-3200mhz RAM

G-Sync monitor 144hz 2560x1440

I think G-sync might be the “culprit” (also tried to disable G-sync altogether, fix doesn’t work either); maybe that fix simply doesn’t work with g-sync monitors, but I haven’t found any workaround on the Net. Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks :slight_smile:



It’s locked by the developers for some performance reasons, to avoid lags and other problems in cutscenes. And it runs good anyway, I don’t see why should anyone mess with that.



It bothers me more it’s 1080p.



This is just not true. You can run 30 FPS cut scenes at 60 FPS using sys_MaxFPS=60.
Video of cutscenes (like, for example, the very first one in the tavern in Skalitz) are unlocked to 60 fps.



I didn’t say it’s not possible to overcome it somehow. I said they just made lock to 30 for global optimalization and performance or other reasons. For example LA Noire is also locked, to avoid issues with face animations etc.

Btw why is the video so dark and weirdly shaded? Some graphical mode?



Well above is what I said.
To answer your other question,I set the game to what I like from Vanilla,you may like or not.

r_ssdoAmountAmbient = 1.42
Strength of occlusion applied to probe irradiance

r_ssdoAmountDirect = 2
Strength of occlusion applied to light sources
e_svoTI_SSAOAmount = 2
Allows to scale down SSAO (SSDO) amount and radius when GI is active(Higher The Number The Darker And More Detail In Ground Textures

e_svoTI_SpecularAmplifier = 1
Adjusts the output brightness of specular component.If using full GI set to 0.

Adjusts the output brightness of cone traced indirect diffuse component
(0 is Dark ,Higher Number Lightens screen If Areas Are Too Dark When Full GI mode very experimental)

e_svoTI_DiffuseBias= -0.01
Constant ambient value added to GI
Helps preventing completely black areas
If negative - modulate ambient with near range AO (prevents constant ambient in completely occluded indoor areas)

EDIT:Hey here is my Henry if you want to critique him,his armor is also dirty.