Czech Game Dominance


I for one look forward to our new Czech Game Development overlords . . .


I think flashpoint and resistance (heavily modded) were the only games I’ve played longer than this one. Except possibly warband, also modded.


I only got into Flashpoint after Arma 2 had already been out for quite some time. Had a group of guys who did coop nights using a heavily modded Arma 2 build that had mods to include pretty much ALL the content from the original game(s)? I was never entirely clear on what all it packaged nor what magic it used to do it. But you could certainly tell the added stuff; it was generally 1980s era gear and the textures and models looked a bit different. There were at that time so many “missions” which various prolific makers had made for the games, this mod setup they had basically allowed them to play the vast majority of all the available high-quality missions for the game, and that is what they did. Every Thursday night at like 6PM Eastern Standard or so, they all got on Teamspeak and their server and did missions together. Fun stuff, though I also enjoyed playing solo a lot. Probably the most time I spent was with an Arma 2 mod called “Lost” which was fargin’ brilliant . . . start the game in a fully populated play field full of enemies, alone. You gotta recruit partisans to fight with you and then take back the country. It included some pretty nifty features for switching control back and forth between your original character and NPCs and also some provisions for them to engage in ongoing actions without direct human control (patrol here; ambush from here . . . that kind of thing).

Great games.

Maybe its something in the water when you go that far upstream in the Elbe?